The New Planner

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Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a gushy blog about my Erin Condren planner, and honestly, I’ve meant to do another one, but I’ve been so busy writing! I mean when your heroes look like this: and this: Well, you see my problem.  😆  But today, I’m going to share and […]


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My November Newsletter

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Now, I won’t be posting *every* newsletter here on the webpage, so you’ll have to sign up for future scoop, but for this one, I thought, why not? Some people may have missed it (hello, spam folder) and others may be wanting to see what it looks like before they take the plunge and hand […]



USA Today Recommends…

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A Bad Boy for Christmas!  So, here’s a fun bit of news my publicist just told me about. USA Today posted a recommendation for Connor’s book on their site. They had this to say: Shopping for a hot holiday read? Look no further than A Bad Boy for Christmas. Actually, it’s a terrific read for any […]


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My 1-year Brockiversary

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In case you missed it… Last week, author Katee Robert and I celebrated our 1-year “Brockiversary” and then had an incredibly ridiculous (and maybe a little stalkery) online Twitter convo. Sorry, Brock, we couldn’t help it. (Also, fun fact: Brock O’Hurn was the inspiration for my second billionaire book THE BILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, due out […]


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Lazy: The other 4-letter word

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While I sort of reject the idea of any day being “lazy” (blame my Type A personality), I have decreed that today will be about relaxing. Possibly not getting out of the cozy cotton sweats I’m wearing, and maybe reading another book. I read one yesterday, it was fabulous. 😍 (Keep reading for more info about […]



Keep Going

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For many aspiring novelists, November is a month of stress, excitement, and possibility. No, I’m not talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving or Black Friday (aka, Jessica’s shopping nightmare). I’m talking about NaNoWriMo. Short for National Novel Writing Month, this institution was established to show us what we’re really made of. Did you know that most people who […]



New in November

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Now that the contest is over (congrats, winners!), we’re onto a new month and a new book in a new genre for this writer. I cannot wait for you to meet Devlin! If you’re a fan of my single title books (Bad Boys), this novel might be a departure from what you’re used to. For example: […]


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Giveaway #9

Posted Oct 30 2015 in

Today’s giveaway is a fun gold notebook, recipe/postcards, and a Bringing Home the Bad Boy magnet. In it, you can jot recipes of your own or maybe start a journal of things you are grateful for.  To enter to win this giveaway, you will get points for each of the following: Share this post on social […]



Giveaway #8

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Only one more day left in the giveaway bonanza for the month of October! Remember to go back to the previous ones and enter, enter, enter. I’m drawing all the names on November 1, so you have time. Today’s giveaway is a fun gold notebook, recipe/postcards, and a Bringing Home the Bad Boy magnet. In […]



Giveaway #7

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So, this one is fun! If You Dare is my haunted house romance, and October makes this the perfect season to read it! The paperback is a Trade paperback size, and I paired it with a romantic suspense and a small town romance. A little bit of everything in this pack! To enter to win […]