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I know, I know.

It’s supposed to be shared as Teaser *Tuesday* but yesterday was my birthday, so you get this a day late. Better to get a wink from Marcus a day late than not at all, I say.  😉 

IYD panties

Pre-order today!

Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo

~Jess :)


And don’t miss your chance to enter to win the HUGE prize pack! I’m drawing a winner on July 4th! 

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Happy Monday, everyone! 

If you haven’t read my newsletter yet, you may not know about a new release I have hitting on July 21!

Who wants to see the cover?


Sharing in 3…











Aren’t they gorgeous?

And the colors! I love the mint green and the pop of yellow!

Keep your eyes peeled for teasers and an excerpt coming soon. And if you’re thinking this title sounds familiar, click HERE for my Dear Reader letter…

Pre-order links are being updated HERE as I find them! 

~Jess :)

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Huge WisRWA Giveaway!

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In honor of my upcoming milestone birthday, I’m doing a huge giveaway!


Remember when I went to a signing/conference in Wisconsin a while back? Well, do I have a treat for you! I’m sharing my swag with one lucky reader.

You are entering to win:

  • a Horny Goat T-shirt from the local brewery
  • a WisRWA button
  • a pen
  • a beer opener
  • conference bag and badge
  • 3 ARCs
  • a copy of Rescuing the Bad Boy

All you have to do is comment below telling me whether or not you’ve ever been to Wisconsin. Easy, right? GOOD LUCK!

~Jess :)

*Winner will be drawn on July 4th! 
*Share the love and tag a friend or three.
*This particular giveaway is US only


What Does Your Hero… Smell Like?

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Well, it turns out there is an app for that. Or, a generator, to be more accurate. I ran each of my bad boys for fun because, hey, why not?

Here are their results:

Evan Downey from Bringing Home the Bad Boy


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.48.53 PMAccurate!


Donovan Pate from Rescuing the Bad Boy


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.49.12 PMPERFECT.

Connor McClain from A Bad Boy for Christmas


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.49.55 PMoh my…BAHAHAHA!

Asher Knight from ????? (when I know, you’ll know!)


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.49.28 PMBRAV-freaking-O.

Want to run your favorite hero? Click HERE for the link!

~Jess :)


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Cover Reveal! Fighting for Devlin

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Yep! A new book!

You may have caught this new “bad boy” on Heroes & Heartbreakers yesterday, but in case you missed it, I thought I’d show you here. I’ll be writing a New Adult series for Loveswept (Random House) that is angsty and sexy and oh-so-fun. Here is the cover for Devlin’s book I’ve somehow managed to keep sooper top sekrit!

reveal in…























Fighting for Devlin_Lemmon_LS

I love the dark shadows, the shirtless hero, the downcast eyes! And that pop of green? Perfection.  😀 

What you can expect:

First person POV, a lot of angst, twenty-something hero & heroine who are going to make a lot of mistakes.

If this is your thang, you can look for Devlin’s book in November, digital formats only, from Random House/Loveswept.

What do you think of the cover?

~Jess :)


Why “Scampi?”

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There are mixed reviews about my latest heroine’s nickname.

Some of you think it’s adorable (you’re right, it is :mrgreen: ), and others…not so much. I thought I’d tell you a little backstory about how I arrived at this idea.

RescuingtheBadBoyFor those of you who don’t know, the book’s hero, Donovan teasingly (and affectionately) refers to Sofie as “Scampi” after she puts him in the weeds (crazy busy) behind saute when they worked at the Wharf (restaurant) together. As a former server who had given and taken hell from kitchen staff for almost three years, I can tell you, this nickname thing?

Totally happens.  😎 

The kitchen of Outback Steakhouse was a lot like a zoo. We had a guy who called everyone “dog” and therefore, his own nickname became Dog. Then the other guy who worked with him who had less height was therefore known as Short Dog. Not to be outdone, we also had a busboy named Horse for the size of his teeth (admittedly, not very nice), and a guy nicknamed Fish (don’t ask). The manager? Chicken. Yes, to his face.

Our proprietor who was like a father to us became known as Papa Smurf, a petite girl, one of my besties, was Smurfette. I heralded a brief nickname of “Freckles” when the summer sun brought out the speckles on my cheeks.

And these nicknames went on our receipts instead of our names.  😳 

Love it or not, Scampi’s nickname came honestly, and yes, those nicknames stick. FOREVER. So the fact that Donovan calls Sofie “Scampi” seven years later isn’t an exaggeration. Heck, it’s been over 15 years since my husband and I worked at Outback, but when a friend’s birthday came up on Facebook, Mr. Lemmony made sure to give a shout-out (appropriately) that read: “Happy Birthday, Schmoe!” (not his real name)

Okay, hit me with your former/current nicknames! If there is a story behind it, all the better.

~Jess :-)


What I’m Reading: Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

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Flirting with Fire (Hot in Chicago, #1)Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Luke. Almeida. WOW, you guys! Just wow. Smoking hot firefighter with a heart of solid gold, this hero is a hero to drool over.

Kinsey and Luke are both hard-headed and it took a while for them to soften, but they never truly lost their edges and we (the readers) are the better for it, never missing an ounce of all their sass and spark. There is a M/M secondary romance in this book between Luke’s foster brother, oh-em-gee-I-wish-he-was-straight hottie, Gage and a grouchy chef named Brady, but as much as I wanted Gage to be straight he was just so darn good at being gay, he quickly morphed into a guy I just wanted to hang out with and have cocktails. Luke’s foster sister, Alex and Mayor McAsshat, Eli have a few scenes that make me absolutely salivate for book 2. I love Eli. Seriously. It’s bordering unhealthy. The primary story between the hero and heroine is solid with each character playing his/her respective parts as stubborn, in love, falling hard but don’t wanna admit it. Loved them both–loved them all!

Kate Meader is wildly talented, her style both sharp and funny, witty and brainy. This series is one I’ll continue to read!

View all my reviews

~Jess :)



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I was going through some of the artwork readers had created, the photos they’d pulled as inspiration for characters of mine and it hit me.

This career is amazing.

Mary Ruth BHTBBartwork by Mary Ruth Baloy

The fact that I wrote something from my brain and someone else felt inspired to do something creative after reading it is the best art-transfer experiment ever.

Maybe it’s because I can relate. So inspired was I after reading Twilight, that I drew pictures, bought T-shirts, watched the movie a zillion times. And while I didn’t write fan fiction, I did get the writing bug. It bit and bit hard. I changed my career because of those books! I “rewrote” the story of my life because of the way Stephanie Meyer made me feel. She opened up a world that launched a new world for me.

Walmart RTBBWalmart pic courtesy of Traci Westling

And to be able to replicate that, even on a small scale is incredible. To receive pictures of my books in the store, or readers holding the book I sent them, or to get gifts from someone who was moved by the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil chimps in Tempting the Billionaire…


I have to say, inspiring others with my art to in turn create art, is one of the greatest gifts on this planet.

Never before have I felt so blessed and connected.

Thank you, readers!
~Jess  😀 

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Auntie Em!

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RTBB Stack signed

Yesterday, I traveled hither and yon signing Rescuing the Bad Boy for the locals and unbeknownst to me, narrowly avoided a tornado.  😯 

More on that later.

First, we stopped by Walmart to see if Donovan was at my local store. He’s not. OF COURSE.  😡 But he might be at yours. Be sure to send me those sighting pics if you see him there! Like so:

Brandy Thorton RTBB

Brandy Thorton’s sighting!

Joyfully Reviewed RTBB

Joyfully Reviewed‘s sighting!

Next we stopped by [unnamed restaurant] for some okay food and the loudest dining ever.  :-( 


The cheese sauce was good, though.


Mr. Lemmony and I couldn’t hear each other talk over the traffic. :/

Now that we were fed, we debated where to go on our journey. Barnes & Noble or Books & Company first? Hmm, hard decision. One was a little further out of the way if I went there first, but I decided since the Books & Co store was an open-air style shopping area and it was going to rain, I’d stop by there first.


Rescuing’s inscription reads “Badder is Better!”


All my boys were there! Hanging out together is so like them…

From there, I visited B&N, where a friend of mine from my PartyLite days drove 30 minutes to come see me and buy a book from the store! Is that sweet or what? Brought a happy tear to myScreen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.00.37 AM eye, it did.  :-) If you are in need of candles, by the way, here’s where you can contact Ann. She’s FABULOUS and has been doing her thing in PL for 24 years. Talk about a professional! I’m just sad I forgot to get a picture! :(

After that, we headed to the brew store where my hubs bought some beer-making necessities (you can find him HERE if you’re curious), and that’s when it started raining sideways…

Which brings me to the tornado.

Here is a short video showing the little pop-up whirlwind. Watch the left-hand side of the screen… 

Is that crazy or what?!

From the beer store, we visited the final stop: another B&N where I had a lovely chat with the staff. They stocked TEN copies of Rescuing, giving me TWO rows on the shelf, which is awesome. :)

Click HERE to see me being a dork.

When I got home, I darted into Jennifer Probst’s FB party and hung out a while, shared some excerpts, and man candy.


Cheers to Donovan & Sofie!

So that’s it! My local signing excursion, followed by a narrow miss with Mother Nature and ending on some Prosecco to celebrate. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

What’d you do yesterday?

~Jess :)


Donovan’s HERE!

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Donovan. Pate. Is. HERE!!! 

Like, in the world!

No, really, Melody May found him: 

Melody May RTBB

And so did Shannon Richard:

Shannon Richard RTBB

I’m posting teasers on FB ALL week for this book, but here’s one just for stopping by:

RtBB Promo 6

Also, be sure to check out the BLOG TOUR going on through May 30th!


Remember kids, Badder is Better 😈 

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