It’s HERE!

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The complete first chapter of Evan’s book is now UP!

BHtBB 200x300

You can read it HERE or HERE.


~Jess :)

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Happy Millionaire Monday!

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He licked the side of his mouth…

…still tasting her there, his hands at his sides, chest heaving, hair probably a mess from her roaming fingers. She wouldn’t look at him, a study in casualness except for the one hand forced into a fist at her side. Trying to keep herself from fidgeting no doubt. She was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. And she’d more than proven her point. If he wanted a partner to spar with, in bed or out, she was a worthy opponent, not some delicate flower he had to handle with care.

~Landon Downey, The Millionaire Affair


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Millionaire Monday: #TeamLandon

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I just learned this morning I have a Fresh Fiction review! Even better? It’s very, very positive! YAY! Here’s what the reviewer has to say about Landon and Kimber. (I’ll put the link to the full review in the comments.)

“I have never had the pleasure of reading any of the novels from the talented Jessica Lemmon, but am totally in love with her story. THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR is definitely a “can’t-put- down” book until the very last page is turned. I was completely entertained by this witty, emotional and sexually hot story of two people finding forever love. I can’t wait to read more of her Love in the Balance novels.”


You can read the full review HERE.


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Sons of Anarchy Returns

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It comes as no secret how big a fan I am of Sons of Anarchy. Ever since I caught up with the episodes on Netflix, I have been a committed, committed fan. There’s even a tie-in to one of my books, since Charlie Hunnam’s beautiful face fit Aiden so perfectly.

If you’ve never seen the show, I’m not going to lie–it’s brutal. Violent, frightening, and Jax Teller isn’t a character you always support. But, oh, the characters. They drag you in and make you CARE about them. Make you forgive them even when they’re being horrific.

This is the LAST SEASON of SOA, and I’m a combination of terrified and jittery with excitement to watch it. Looking forward to the night of the 90-minute premiere, I’m expecting to watch it the way I do a horror movie: between parted fingers covering my eyes.



Skip to the next blue header if you’re not caught up!

Mainly because last season’s finale where Gemma did Tara in almost killed me. It was gut-wrenchingly REAL and sloppy, and just horrifying. (That being said, it was so epically memorable, I hid an Easter egg reference to it in my next book, so that’ll be fun for you superfans to find.)


And Jax. OH JAX. When he cries… Seriously. HELP ME, RHONDA.

Jax crying

He’s going to be a hot mess this season, I just know it. And knowing the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has no problem reaching into my chest and tearing out my still-beating heart, I’m so very scared about what I might see.

What about you? Do you watch SOA? Are you watching the premiere on September 9? If so, buckle in for the 90-minute ride of your life. And if you haven’t seen the minute-long trailer, here it is. Watch at your own risk.

~Jess 8-O  

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Millionaires Can Be Bad Boys, Too…

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Landon proves he’s willing to fight for Kimber.

Here’s a little peek at Landon’s run-in with Mick, Kimber’s ex, from The Millionaire Affair (Out now! No worries, spoilers removed!)

Have your copy of Millionaire yet?




Landon gripped the shopping bag, his fingers numb, his vision blurred by a sea of red at the sight of the guy kissing Kimber. Had to be her ex. He’d heard enough about him to know this guy had no problem eschewing basic decency.

And kissing Kimber, after Landon had made love to her days ago, was definitely indecent.

“I should have called.” Apparently.

“Yeah, you should’ve,” her ex said, taking a step toward the door.

“No.” She stayed his next step with a hand around his arm. Landon would like it if she stopped touching the tattooed, pierced dickweed altogether. “I’m glad you’re here,” she told Landon. It sounded like the truth. “Mick, why don’t you go help Neil in the store?”

“Yeah, Mick. Get to work.” He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help himself.

Mick met him at the door, a few paces from where Kimber was standing, and stopped short of scuffing Landon’s shoes. “Peddle your prissy ass elsewhere, millionaire. Let us common folk handle our business.”

Landon leaned in, marginally, but enough for Mick to move his chin back a fraction. “This is our business, Mick. You’re just a guy she used to date.”

He raised a finger, Landon presumed to poke him in the chest with it. If he did, Landon would break it. So help him, he’d snap the digit in two…


You know you want him. ;)


~Jess :)


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Bad Boy Evan is in The Millionaire Affair?!

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So you all know that Evan’s book is coming out January 27 (Bringing Home the Bad Boy), but did you know you get to meet him (again) in The Millionaire Affair? Yep!

Evan Downey is Landon Downey’s brother!

Evan in TMA…and he has quite a few fun scenes in the book. Here’s a teaser from TMA (out now) with the spotlight on Evan in what might just be my favorite Evan scene… 


“She likes your ass.”

Landon snapped the pencil lead on the legal pad where he’d been outlining his upcoming meeting for Windy City. He lifted his chin and met eyes with his brother. Evan had dropped by his office unannounced, after he and Lyon spent the afternoon together, and was now talking gibberish while sitting on the arm of the couch on the opposite side of the room.

Landon lifted his brows. No way had he just heard that correctly. “Excuse me?”

“Kimber. She likes your ass. She was having a very colorful conversation about it when I stopped by your house today,” Evan said with a wave of his hand.

“What are you talking about?”

Evan ignored his question. Landon was getting a lot of that lately. No wonder he came to work. Here, people respected him when he spoke.

Evan rested his hands on his knees.“Everyone knows I have the best ass out of all of us. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.”


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Fall in July

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You’re probably wondering if you read that right.

It’s usually Christmas in July, right? Well, here in the great state of Ohio, it was Christmas from October through April… at least the weather was Christmas-like. Now, though? Late July and 75 beautiful little degrees!

Jeans! I’m wearing jeans!


Beautiful has a name: TODAY

Fewer things make me happier than wearing jeans.

Wait, is it fewer? Or less? Lessor?


You may have also seen on my Facebook page that I have FINISHED the first draft of Bad Boy book 2, heretofore known as Rescuing the Bad Boy! While Donovan is in my editor’s capable (and grabby) hands, I’m working on Evan’s book. The copyedits! Can I get a Hallelujah? Copyedits are THE LAST PASS. This is it! Well, other than when they send proofs, but few changes can be made to proof pages. That’s the actual layout of the book, so you don’t want to monkey around too much with that.

In celebration of this most epic achievement as I continue to dig through edits, let’s all admire Evan’s cover.

Available January 2015

Available January 2015


*le sigh*

I needed that.

What epic awesomeness have you all been up to? How’s the weather where you are? Talk to me!

~Jess ;)

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Bad Boy Titles

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Guess what?

My new series SECOND CHANCE has TITLES! Yep, check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.08.54 AM

First, you bring a bad boy home, then rescue one, THEN get one for Christmas!!!

Is it just me or is 2015 sounding like the best year EVAR?

Meet the hero of book #1, Evan Downey in THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR. That’s his kiddo Landon needs a nanny for, you know.TMA HJ Top Pick

Buy links: B&N | BAM! | Google Play |iTunes | Amazon



My First Vlog!

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Trying out something new. The title of my first video blog is:

New Glasses, Messy Desk, and My Dog’s Backside

Yeah, I didn’t plan that last thing.

Anyway, here goes!

What do you think? Give up my day job? Shoot another one?

Thanks for watching!

Jess :)

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Millionaire Monday

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 Happy Millionaire Monday, everybody!

Let’s talk about my favorite millionaire: Landon Downey. Here is a guy who is very focused on business in today world. When it comes time to pour a glass of scotch for the very attractive Kimber Reynolds, he realizes he can’t talk about business with her.

small talk graphic TMA

Of course, Landon’s small talk endeavor leads to something a little more… interesting.  ;)


Books & Co:

Tell me, are you a fan of small talk? Or do you find you  avoid questions like “Hot enough for you?” Or “Are we having fun yet?”

~Jess :)


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