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HardtoHandleIn book 2, HARD TO HANDLE, Aiden gives up everything, including Sadie, to care for his dying mother. Here’s an excerpt:


Aiden met her eyes. Pools of green swimming in unshed tears. Sadie’s heart cracked when she thought about what he had gone through in the last year. He’d put his life on hold to move his mother to Oregon, invested nearly all he had left to pay for her continuing treatment. How long had he been setting aside his own wants and needs? Harmony certainly hadn’t had a problem betraying him. And the strength it must have taken for him to stand firmly against his family and fight for his mother…

In a blink, she saw Aiden very clearly. Saw his abundant love for others, his deep compassion for people. His kindness. His unbreakable spirit.

Was it any wonder she’d fallen in love with him a year ago?

“God, Aiden,” she whispered, stroking her fingers through his hair. The tears came and Sadie stopped trying to quell them. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for all of it.” 


Comment on this post for a chance to win an autographed paperback copy of Hard to Handle! US only, please. 

~Jess :)


Pizza and Bad Boys

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imageHi guys!

So, I’ve been wondering over the last month if there will be enough pizza in the world to get me through this next series. Yes, I am on deadline. Yes, this will be likely be the state of affairs until the day I die. So the goal is to try and get used to always having something due, and produce a series rather than end up in a padded cell with a few of my equally-crazed author buddies.

But I digress.

The Love in the Balance series will be ending (sort of) in June with The Millionaire Affair, but oh, have I a surprise for you. That is, if you haven’t glommed onto the fact yet that Evan Downey (what would have been book 4) is the hero starring in book 1 of my new series, Second Chance, entitled BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY.

He’s back…and he’s a tad different from his two brothers, Landon and Aiden, and his cousin Shane. Evan has recently left his tattoo business to illustrate a children’s book for a rock star. Good work if you can get it, right? ;) He comes with baggage in the form of unresolved, late-night artistic fugue states (I’d never refer to his adorbs 7-year-old as “baggage”–Lyon is so awesome, I wish he were mine!), and the fact he’s falling for the most inconvenient woman ever: his late wife’s best friend, Charlie.

I hope you’re ready for a bad boy with a twist, because I am toiling away to get him juuuust right for you.  And by toiling, I mean inhaling pizza, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown. Evan’s more alpha than his three family members, but you all can handle that, right?

And, if you didn’t know, you can preorder Landon’s book NOW!

Linky! Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Books-a-Million

8-) Jess

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Back from Florida (or: Why Do I Live in Ohio?)

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imageHi All,

As you may or may not know, I live in Ohio. We visited the Florida panhandle all last week (without wi-fi, so no i’net for me 8-O ) and the break was amazing. As was the view. I even saw two bald eagles, which was super cool. We walked on the beach, watched the sunset, laughed until we cried, and sat in the sun on the amazing deck overlooking the Gulf. What a fabulous vacation!

Mr. Lemmony and I at sunset

Mr. Lemmony and I at sunset



View from the deck



Pink and peach and purple, such a gorgeous sunset

To give you some perspective on how amazingly epic this was, we have approximately 177 sunny days a year in Ohio. In Florida, they average about 231. That’s like… *does math* TWO MORE MONTHS OF SUN THAN WE HAVE HERE. :evil:  This became apparent after visiting there following The No Good Very Bad Winter of 2013/2014. Sun-deprived as we were, the hubs and I gladly soaked up as much Vitamin D as we could…

Then we returned home to wind and rain. :(


Me with Shannon Richard

The great news is fellow Forever author/Ever After fox, Shannon Richard was there, too. We plotted and wrote and read while we were there and as a result (drum roll, please), Bringing Home the Bad Boy is nearly done!


The first draft is written and after a quick edit today, I’m sending it straight to my lovely editor and then it will be her problem hers to treasure. ;)

So, while I get cracking on Evan (details HERE), you be sure and add The Millionaire Affair to your TBR list, because June will be here before you know it, and allegedly, so will the sun for us dreary-day Ohioans.


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

Pre-orders always make my soul sunnier, so be sure and let me know if you one-click Landon Downey.

~Jess :)


Love Bad Boys?

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I hope so! Because I have three of them for you! Here is the announcement:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.47.09 AM


Jessica Lemmon’s SECOND CHANCE series, beginning with BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY, in which a single dad moves to a lakeside town and becomes more than just neighbors with his late wife’s best friend, again to Lauren Plude at Grand Central, in a three-book deal, for publication in Spring 2015, by Nicole Resciniti at The Seymour Agency.

The single dad’s name is Evan Downey! You met him briefly in HARD TO HANDLE and you’ll meet him longer in THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR. And I know you remember his son, Lyon, right?

What do you think? Are you excited to read Aiden & Landon’s brother’s story? 

~Jess :)



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Happy Release Day, Aiden & Sadie!

Aiden says he’d like you to go to the store and take a selfie with him. If I were you, I’d do as he says. That man is persistent. ;)


Buy links:




Brick & Mortar Stores

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To celebrate the mass market release, my publisher is doing a HUGE giveaway of FIVE copies of Hard to Handle as well as a prize pack of books from Rachel Van Dyken, Erin Kern, & Shannon Richard.

What do you have to do? 

Enter–and don’t dillydally, either. This contest ends MONDAY, MARCH 24th at 11:59 p.m.!!!

Here’s the rafflecopter link. Best of luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


~Jess :)


Teaser Tuesday & a Giveaway

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I”ll draw a winner Thursday!


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Teaser Tuesday & a Giveaway!

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Happy Teaser Tuesday!


Here’s a super-short (and heart-wrenching!) moment from Hard to Handle, coming out in just TWO WEEKS from now!  :mrgreen:

“Aiden.” She took a step toward him. “I love you.”

He stepped back.

“Stop saying that, Sadie. Please.”

Oh man. That’s a rough one.  :cry:

I have an idea! Why don’t I give away a copy of Hard to Handle early? Would that make you feel better? Of course you can also buy it NOW in digital format, but why not have both? Aren’t two books better than one?  :lol:

All you have to do is find the contest on Facebook (posted 3/11/14) and follow the instructions. GOOD LUCK!

~Jess :)

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Teaser Tuesday & Giveaway

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Since March is HARD TO HANDLE month around these parts, I’m not only giving you a teaser for this super Tuesday, but also giving you A BOOK! Today, I’ll be drawing a winner on my Facebook page for an autographed ARC of Hard to Handle. These are rare! I only have a few left. And, since it’s paperback, you get it autographed (yay!). Also, since it’s paperback, it’s U.S. only (nuts!). 

What are you waiting for? Get thee over to my Facebook page and find the hot graphic of Aiden, that looks like the one below, and follow the instructions!

IMG_2194Good luck!

~Jess :)


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Waking Up Pregnant

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Happy Monday!

What do you make of that title up there?

Did you think I was talking about me? Gotcha! :twisted:

Not me. I was referring to Mira Lynn Kelly’s new Harlequin release! And guess what? She wanted to give my Facebook fans a copy of the e-book, so if you haven’t yet, scoot on over to MY PAGE, like it, and find the book cover. Leave a comment answering the question I posted and I’ll drawing a winner on Tuesday. Here’s the cover to look for, click it or HERE to be redirected to my Facebook page.


Good luck!

~Jess  :lol:

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