Friday Feast: Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli

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What’s better than homemade ravioli? 

How ridiculously simple this recipe is to make!



  • 8-10 oz. crimini mushrooms, diced into small pieces
  • 2 huge handfuls fresh baby spinach, julienned
  • 2 medium shallots, minced
  • salt, pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp. dried thyme
  • Earth Balance buttery spread
  • Olive oil 
  • 1 package wonton wrappers

How to:

  1. Put a pot of water on to boil (cover with a lid to speed the process.) While waiting on the water to boil, heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Add shallots and mushrooms, stirring on occasion until they soften.
  3. Add Italian seasoning, spinach, and salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking the mixture until spinach is wilted. Set aside.
  4. To prepare wontons, get a small bowl and pastry brush (or use your fingers). Using a measuring teaspoon, scoop the mushroom mixture into the center of the wonton. Brush two sides with water, then carefully fold the wonton into a triangle, sealing at the edges.10391005_795890940481985_8080657197509410810_n
  5. Repeat until mixture is gone, laying out the finished wontons on a baking sheet.
  6. Once water comes up to a boil, generously salt the water and drop 6-8 raviolis into the boiling water. Be careful not to overcrowd. This is also a good time to make sure your wrappers are sealed at the edges so your filling does not come out.
  7. While this is happening, melt 4-6 Tablespoons of Earth Balance over medium-low in a small stock pot and crush the dried thyme between your fingers. Keep warm.
  8. To remove raviolis from boiling water, use a spider or a slotted spoon, and lay them into the baking sheet. Cook the second and third batches the same way.
  9. To serve, plate 4-6 ravioli and top with a Tablespoon of the butter mixture. Salt and pepper as needed.1533933_795890883815324_544362291552579418_n

Happy cooking!

Jess :)

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Teaser Tuesday!

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69 Days!

A sneak peek of Evan from #BringingHometheBadBoy! Click the photo to read Chapter 1, then, if you LURVE it, pre-order links are there, too.

~Jess :)BHtBB Quote1

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Eggplant Sammie

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eggplant avocado openface sammie


A week or so ago, I mentioned on Facebook my trip to Trader Joe’s. Along with some wine (but of course) and smoked salmon (amazing), I also found a big, beautiful eggplant staring me down. This purple beauty was only $1.69 but I hesitated buying it. Why? Because often I overload on the perishables and then a week later, they’re getting a one-way ticket to the trashcan.


I had to have it. I did not know why.

Three days later, I worried the eggplant might meet it’s demise in the garbage so I decided I’d better eat it on something. Here’s the recipe I came up with:

Open-faced Eggplant Sammies

You’ll need:

  • 1 eggplant cut into rounds (about 1/2″ thick)
  • cheese of choice (I used Muenster)
  • whole grain bread (1 slice per person)
  • avocado
  • extra virgin olive oil 
  • grapeseed oil (or any other oil that can take high heat)
  • salt, pepper, crushed red pepper
  • lemon

How to do it:

  1. Brush eggplant with grapeseed oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. 
  2. Heat a grill pan and brush bread on both sides with the oil. Grill the bread until toasted and you have pretty grill marks on both sides. Set aside.
  3. Place eggplant oil side down on the grill pan and brush the dry side with a little of the oil as well. Cook 5 minutes, then flip and cook another three minutes. Eggplant cooks a lot like mushrooms do, when they are close to getting done, they release water. If they still seem dry, keep cooking. Adjust heat as needed so you don’t burn. (I poured a few Tbsp of water into the grooves of the grill pan to flash steam them. This helped get them done faster.)
  4. Top the slices you will eat immediately with 1/2 a slice of cheese each. Pour a Tbsp of water in the grooves of the pan and immediately cover the eggplant with a lid to steam the cheese.

To build your sammie:

Layer bread, cheese-covered eggplant slices (2 per sammie), sliced avocado. Dress the avocado slices with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper, and a pinch of crushed red pepper.



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subtitled: SQUEEEEEE!!!!

After several LONG, LONG months of Amazon and my publisher, Hachette battling over contracts, I am thrilled to announce, the Pre-order buttons have been restored to Kindle books once again.


What this means is that before today, you could not pre-order Bringing Home the Bad Boy or Rescuing the Bad Boy. Well, no more. Get your 1-clickers ready, Kindle users, because the reign of terror has ended.

Pre-order link for Evan’s book: HERE

(Also, you can read the complete first chapter of this book on this website. >>CLICK<<)

BHtBB e-version

Pre-order link for Donovan’s book: HERE


Now, where is my champagne?

~Jess :)

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Giveaway Time: Teller Tuesday!

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~Jess :)

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Two-fer Thursday

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To reward you all for having to listen to my belly-aching about my dental work I had done on Wednesday, I decided to give away not one but TWO copies of The Millionaire Affair to two lucky readers.

Here’s an excerpt:


“Just because I follow my heart,” she said adamantly, her face a confusion of strength and hurt. “Just because I’m transparent and not in control of my every body movement”—she gestured with her hands, sending her small breasts sliding against the shirt and turning him on even more—“doesn’t mean I’m a doe-eyed innocent. I know what I’m doing. I think I can handle kissing you without losing all essence of who I am.” Clutching the tie around his neck, she leaned in. “I am an independent, intelligent woman who does not need to be saved from anyone. Least of all you.”

She was a woman all right. A seething, beautiful woman who was very close to him and smelling like the cucumber body wash stocked in her bathroom. He knew. He’d grown accustomed to the warm, sweet scent that eked its way into the hall every morning after her shower.

“I wasn’t being insulting,” he said, hiding his amusement.

“Yes you were,” she challenged, tugging him closer. He went, the tension pulling the tie against the back of his neck, unable to keep from admiring how beautiful she was, even this close. Natural, naked skin, full lips…“But I forgive you.”

The side of his mouth ticked. He was going to kiss her again. But he’d give her a chance to make the first move. She did, fisting his tie even tighter and laying her lips onto his, but she didn’t stop there. With the swing of her leg over his lap, she settled on top of him. She sat right over his manhood, heat emanating from her core and through his slacks.

It wasn’t often, if ever, he found himself turned on by being put in his place. Was rarely ever put in his place, come to think of it. He would concede he’d given Kimber less credit than she deserved. Either she knew what she wanted, or had opted to take the upper hand when she found herself at a disadvantage. He respected both tactics.

To enter, comment below and let me know your favorite junk food snack. Mine is potato chips, but my jaw is still a little too sore to enjoy those. (Oops, more complaining. That’s it, I swear!*)

~Jess :)



What I’m Reading Wednesday: My own edits!

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Like reunion stories?


I wanted to share one of my favorite parts from Rescuing the Bad Boy. I know you will have to wait until May to get Donovan’s book, but I don’t see any harm in a sneak peek, do you?

In this scene, Donovan has just saved Sofie from an unsavory character at the bar…

She allowed her eyes to graze him from head to toe. He looked good leaning, his elbows on the bar, battered black boots hooked on the bottom rung of the stool. He was in black tonight – black jeans, snug black tee outlining impressive biceps. Ink tracked up both arms. Years ago, he had a black leather jacket. She wondered if he still did.

“Not going to be able to stay away from you now,” he said, his voice low. Her heart kicked up a notch. “You have horrible taste in men.” His full lips twitched at the corner as another smile curved his mouth.

Preorder here:

What do you think? 

~Jess :)

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COVER REVEAL: Rescuing the Bad Boy

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Book 2 in my Second Chance series now has a face to go with the title!

drum roll please 



I don’t have an “official” back cover copy for you, but I will summarize…

Donovan Pate returns home to Evergreen Cove to face the home he ran from seven years ago. While he’s there, he also must face Sofie Martin, the one woman who made him do the one thing he’d always avoided.. Feel.

Donny’s book hits the shelves (and e-readers in May 2015. You can add him to your Goodsreads shelf HERE, and pre-order HERE.*

*everywhere but Amazon

~Jess :)


Reader Question Wednesday

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I love reader questions! If you have one you’d like the answer to, don’t hesitate to Contact me on this webpage or tweet me, or message me on Facebook. Maybe I’ll choose to answer yours on a blog!

Today’s question comes from Amy Allen:

Q: When you started writing did you write fully intending to be a published author?

 A: Yes.

Back in 2009, I read a little book called Twilight ;-) and was so moved by the books and the movie, and the fact that Stephanie Meyer (the author) had a dream, woke up, and wrote it down. Because of that dream, because of her words, she changed the world. I remember thinking: what a way to leave a mark! I’d always loved to write, and draw, and despite being in sales and administrative work, I knew deep in my gut a creative calling was where I belonged.

I wrote a bit about this a loooong time ago here and also have an entire section dedicated to future authors, if you want to read more.

Thanks for the question, Amy!

Do you have a question for me? Click the CONTACT ME lemon at the top of the page. Maybe I’ll answer yours on a future blog.

~Jess :)

BringingHometheBadBoyBringing Home the Bad Boy, January 27, 2014, available for PREORDER everywhere!*

*except for Amazon



Thursday Giveaway!

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Let’s celebrate this Friday Eve by giving away a book. You can even pick which backlist hero you want to have in your grubby little mitts. 







Up to you!

All you have to do is comment below and tell me what color I should get my nails painted when I go to get them done tomorrow.

Good luck!

*US only giveaway, please

*Winner will be announced on Friday both here and on my Facebook page. Please check back to claim your prize.


Oops! Announcing a day late, but here goes.

Congrats to…

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.03.29 PM chose you, Jennifer, as the winner! Please contact me with which book you’d like to have and your mailing addy. Simply click “Contact Me” at the top of this website.

Oh, and here are the nail colors I went with! Thank you for the input!


~Jess :)


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