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Posted at Aug 26, 2015 6:55 am

Don’t you love how we only refer to Return of the Bad Boy as “Asher”? 


Well, Asher has a cover.

And you remember The Photoshoot, yes?

Asher Photo Shoot 1


Well, this is even better.








What do you think?

~Jess :)


Soon Isn’t Soon Enough.

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I’m putting the finishing touches on the first draft of Asher’s book, and I admit—I’m pretty excited about it! 💕 🎸🎶

He and Gloria have had such a long wait to get their HEA. ⏳⌛️⏳⌛️…And you’re going to have to wait for the cover for a little longer too.

Sad panda. 😟🐼

BUT, I’ve seen it, and I can’t even tell you how beyond gorgeous it is! 😍

It’s definitely the Bad Boy brand, but just a little different. And the difference is GORGEOUS. That’s all I’m saying for now before I get in big trouble. Now, go forth!

🌲🌲Preorder your little hearts out! 🌲🌲


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Fun FAQ!

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Today’s Fun, Frequently Asked Question is…

“Where did you get that?”


It’s no secret I like to talk about my latest finds (aka, the stuff I *love*) on my social media sites. Because of this, I get a lot of “Where did you get that?!” 

I thought it’d be fun to do a shopping referral list on a few items I get a lot of questions about–both online and off.

Here we go.


Because I’m often holding the items I’m showing off (or food…it’s usually food), people see my nails. I used to get shellac, which is beautiful and has the added bonus of a manicure done by someone else who knows how to care for my cuticles. The down side? Soaking your nails in foil-wrapped, acetone-soaked cotton balls, then scraping to get the polish off. It’s tough on your nail beds, and time-consuming to boot. Not to say I won’t ever do it again, but for now, I prefer the easy-peasy method of Incoco. 

I have fellow romance-writing pal, Maisey Yates to thank for this find (thanks, Maisey!). The thing I love most about Incoco can best be summed up by my recent birthday party. I was running late and didn’t have much time to do my nails, so for 20 minutes, I sat on the couch and slapped on these appliqués. Twenty minutes and done. NO dry time. NO fuss. When I have more time, I do add a top coat to prolong the life of the nails. It’s real polish, so it comes off with regular old nail polish remover. And bonus! NO soaking, NO scraping.

FullSizeRender 4




(forgive my ratty cuticles 😛 )IMG_0273


The bottom line:

  • Cost: $4.50 (clearance items) to $8.99 for new designs
  • Mani lasts 5-10 days depending on how hard you are on your nails
  • Easy to remove, easy to apply

You can find INCOCO products here.


I’ve only had two shipments from Stitch Fix (if you’re not sure how it works, click here), and I’ve purchased every item from both. I hear compliments on the clothing often, but nothing more than the cork bag I received. It’s a clutch with a cute little handle, and even came with a removable gold chain if I want to carry it on my shoulder. It is. PERFECT. I can’t take it anywhere without someone saying, “I love that purse!” It’s super trendy and by far my favorite thing Stitch Fix has sent. What’s even better is that they offer a referral link,which means it’s extra fun to share. When someone you know orders a “fix”, Stitch Fix gifts you $25 in credit for your next shipment, thus feeding your shopping addiction with a tantalizing little tease.



This shirt and necklace are both Stitch Fix, and it’s just the kind of thing I love. Stripes, and a soft coral color. Simple and understated, and most importantly, comfortable.



Loving this tank top as well, though the creative “open” straps at the shoulders do require a strapless bra (or none at all if you’re that kind of girl 😉 ). Also, there’s a close up of the necklace from them as well. I adore it and get complimented whenever I wear it.



The bottom line: 

  • $20 to order a “fix” of 5 pieces to be shipped at a date of your choosing
  • If you keep nothing, you lose your $20, but if you keep any piece, the $20 gets applied to your purchase
  • Keep it all and save 25% off the entire order (This is how they get you! I have a pair of shorts that don’t fit, but it was worth it because I wanted the other 4 pieces.)
  • You can set your own pricing, kind of…let them know what’s “too much” for each piece. Each shipment has cost me around $200 (ish) for all 5 pieces.
  • TIP: Fill your Pinterest board with styles and pieces you like and your Stitch Fix designer will match your style as close as s/he can.

You can order your first “fix” here.

3. ART 

Since I work from home, pics I share are often taken in my home. And I get comments on two pieces in particular:

The Owl Painting ($79.99 on sale at Pier One

I didn’t paint it, but I love that question. Artistic as I am, paint is definitely not my thing. This guy was purchased at Pier One on sale, and I absolutely love him. My grandmother collected owls and owned the house we live in now before she retired and went to Florida. I like to think this is her style, but modernized. :)


(dog sold separately)

The chalkboard mug ($4.99 at Pier One)

I didn’t actually buy this mug. My mom bought it for my birthday (one of many gifts because she’s crazy generous), and it’s by far been my favorite way to communicate visually what I’m working on or how I’m feeling. It’s perfect for my Keurig, cleans easily, and is a fun addition to my morning coffee. You can see several pictures of the mug on my Instagram account. 



Okay, now this planner is something I’ve been crowing about since the beginning of the year. I. Love. It. I use washi and stickers to decorate and colored pens that coordinate. It acts as an organizer/scheduler, but also as an art journal/memory keeper. It’s as fun to flip back through and look at as the sticker albums I kept as a kid.

Brands I love ~ supplies

  • Papermate Flair pens (Office Depot)
  • Recollections washi (Michael’s Crafts)
  • Allton washi (Flower Factory)
  • Stickers by Recollections, Sticko, and Jolee to name a few (Michael’s Crafts)
  • Dr. Grip Center of Gravity refillable ballpoint pen (Office Depot)

Erin Condren is another fantastic company who offers a referral gift. She gifts $10 in credit to you for purchasing the first time, and rewards the referer with $10 credit toward a future purchase. Awesome, right? To those of you who have used my referral link, HUGE THANKS! I hope you’re loving your planners as much as I love mine.




The notebook has the best paper! Heavyweight like the planner, it’s not as thick as I’d like it to be at only 153 pages, but it holds a lot more than I thought it would. If I’m problem-solving, brainstorming, or list-making, this is my go-to! Personalized covers available.

To keep myself straight on filled pages, I use tabs on the side to mark important parts, and when I’m done with the notes (i.e., I already wrote that scene into the book), I draw a diagonal line with a yellow highlighter through the page. I know I don’t need that page at a glance, but I can still read my notes if I need to.


The bottom line

  • Planners $50-$75 depending on design
  • Notebook $16-$22 (can upgrade to “deluxe” but I prefer the “keep it simple”)
  • Washi & stickers: you could go broke!

You can order your Erin Condren planner, notebook, and supplies by clicking here.

Happy shopping!

~Jess :)

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Facebook Group

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I’m planning on launching a Facebook group within the next month (finally!) and I know a lot of you have been asking for this for a while. I’m sorry I haven’t been quicker about it, but I wanted to make sure we could start strong.


The group will not be a “street team” per se, but more for “Super Fans”. This will be a hangout where we all get together to talk books and characters, share inspirational photos, and generally be positive. We need more of that on the internet, don’t you think? Think about this group as a meet-up where we chat over coffee or a glass of wine. :)

Subject discussions will revolve around Jessica Lemmon books, of course, but you are welcome to talk about ANYTHING you’re reading! My updates to the group will not be shared on the Facebook page, and because this is our private hangout, could involve sneak peeks at my current WIP (work in progress) and thoughts on upcoming series or votes on what we should name heroes or heroines.

I’ll try to keep content there exclusive. Many people are asking for more Evan and Charlie, and the group will be a great place to post a deleted scene or a short, don’t you think? 😉

Now…we have a problem.

We need a name! I’m coming to you for ideas, so please weigh in. Here are a few ideas, or feel free to submit one of your own:

  • The Lemmon Lounge (too seedy?)  :roll: 
  • The Lemmon Tarts
  • The Lemmonettes
  • The Lemmonaires (like billionaire? no?)  😕 
  • Lemmon’s Lair (this makes me sound like Batman)  😆 

I’ll keep thinking, too! And when we start up I’ll post to my FB page and to this website, so stay tuned!

~Jess :)


Cure Back Pain with Yoga

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why I love yoga-2


This blog is more of a PSA than anything else, so if you have back pain and you are tired of having back pain, it might surprise you to learn that the cure for your back pain could be at your fingertips.

Or at your yoga mat.

I have a lot of right side pain. Anyone with inflammatory illnesses (like arthritis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or just inflammation can experience this kind of thing. If you have a sedentary job (like, say, oh…WRITING), or you don’t move around much because it’s winter or because the glow of the television screen is too much temptation, then you probably hurt somewhere.

Or a lot of somewheres. 

But it’s not just a case of “oh, I’m old and I hurt.” I mean, yes, there is an element of that, because aging sucks, AMIRITE?, but there is also a lot you can do to decrease the hurt. First off, you can also start paying attention to the reasons you might be hurting.

For example, when my right side starts to go wonky, I notice I sit with my right foot turned on the side and my left foot propped on top of it when I type. This sounds like a really great position to sit in for hours, doesn’t it???

Yeah, no.

Yesterday was the pinnacle of pain for me. I’d spent several days with my fingers on the keyboard and even a break on Sunday didn’t help. Since I didn’t want to sit any longer, the husband and I went to Whole Foods to do some shopping, because APPARENTLY if you eat nothing but fast food and pizza, you feel like garbage.


Go figure.

While we were shopping, I was getting this horrific tension headache that was making me dizzy, so that made shopping fun. (Not.)  I also noticed I wasn’t standing up straight, and both my big toes were numb. I concluded that this, along with lower back pain that was epic, was probably due to something pinching something else…

That is a technical term.

So, when we brought our groceries home, I announced to Mr. Lemmony I was doing yoga, and because my husband is a health nut, he decided to join me. If you follow me anywhere, you’ve heard me tout the benefits of an app called YogaStudio. I have it on my iThings–iPad and iPhone–and it’s super inexpensive for what you get. I usually tweet that I’ve done a session. Sometimes generically, with the verbiage they provide, but sometimes I add how I’m really feeling…like this inventive hashtag.

So, I fired up my YogaStudio app and looked for classes specializing in back pain–yeah, they have those! Lo and behold, I found one for strengthening your back. It’s a 20 minute class and promises to put your spine back in a neutral position. Handy, since mine felt as if an Xray would reveal a squiggly line where my backbone should be.

Wow. Did that class hurt.

Yeah, you heard me. It hurt. Yoga is not supposed to hurt because you’re not supposed to push yourself too hard. But I wasn’t hurting because I was pushing myself. I was hurting because my alignment was so out of whack, that getting it back in whack took some doing. Midway through the session, I was pretty sure my head was going to explode because my tension headache had tripled in intensity. Then something miraculous happened.

My tension headache went away.

If you have ever had a tension headache, you know Advil won’t touch it. So the fact that it was suddenly gone was amazing! Immediately following the yoga, I iced two different parts of my back: just below my neck, and my lower back. Ice should be administered as follows: ice pack wrapped in a thin towel, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off.

Ice reduces inflammation and is better than taking Advil or Tylenol. Heck, sometimes I try ice first and see if I need to pop a pill or two but I don’t. It’s amazing how that natural fix works. 

It also gave me 40 minutes to read.


(Really enjoying this book.)

I went to bed, slept on and off, but for some reason woke relaxed and refreshed. This morning, I didn’t quite bounce out of bed, but I didn’t lurch (for a change), and I noticed that while my body “hurt” it was more from muscle and stretching than it was from structural damage like I took a hit with a wrecking ball.

So that’s my hard sell.

Back pain? Stress? Do yoga.

If for no other reason than to calm down or just unplug. It has the same instant effect as a glass of wine, and likely after you’re through, you won’t want the wine anymore.


~Jess  😎 


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What I’m Reading: Nowhere But Here

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Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, #1)Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

AMAZING. Absolutely amazing!!! Five stars! I’m a huge SOA fan, so I expected a lot from this book. Well, it delivered. The story was so painfully perfect, happy, and heartbreaking at once. Look back at my reader updates and you can see the feels laid out right in Goodreads! What a roller coaster.

I really loved the setting of small-town Kentucky, and the fish-out-of-water tale was a great way to start a series. How better to introduce us to the motorcycle club’s world than through the eyes of a girl who doesn’t really get it? The heroine is an outsider of sorts whose biological father is a biker and whose stepdad is a doctor. Mom, stepdad, and Emily live an uneventful life in Florida. Emily leads a charmed life back home, so when she’s given the opportunity to get to know her family in Snowflake, KY, she isn’t exactly excited to do so. She’s being watched over by the ever-swoony Oz, the kid her age who is looking to patch in and finally be a member of the club. How perfect is that? Emily stands to recreate every mistake her mother ever made. And Oz is the last person Emily’s parents (all three of them) want her involved with. So…of course, this is just the guy she falls for.

Young adult is a tricky genre for me! It either grabs me or it doesn’t. Well, this one grabbed me and never let go. It was honest without being pandering, and the love story between Emily and Oz was palpable and real. I already put Thunder Road, book #2 on my to-read list. A trip back to Snowflake is one I’ll gladly take again…preferably on the back of Oz’s bike. 😉

This was my first McGarry book, but it definitely won’t be my last.

View all my reviews

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Behind the Scenes Photoshoot!

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The COOLEST thing EVAR happened yesterday, you guys!

My editor, who is now the Queen of Cool, was able to saunter her fine self down to the photoshoot where they were setting for the cover of Return of the Bad Boy (Asher’s book), and get a few behind the scenes photos.

Now, just so you know, us authors are asked to turn in detailed art sheets (like this one for Rescuing the Bad Boy) for our characters. This is  not a hardship for me at all. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Here are a few screen shots of what I turned in, taken from my Pinterest board for Return of the Bad Boy:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.54.32 PM

Mm-hm. Yes.
Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.54.43 PMI like what you’ve done here.

Whenever I turn in art sheets, I always try to capture the “feel” of the character. As you know, Forever has done an amazing job with the covers thus far. I mean, hello!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.57.13 PM

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

So, I wasn’t worried. Not really. However, there is always an element of “unknown” that makes me a little worried.

Guess what?

There was no need to worry. Like, totally none at all.

If worry were China, this guy would be in another galaxy.

Here is the cover model they chose to portray Asher:

Asher Photo Shoot 3

Guitar, check. All black, check. Sexy stubble, check. And those bracelets! *le drool*

But wait! There’s more.Asher Photo Shoot 10

Asher Photo Shoot 8

Asher Photo Shoot 9I believe him with that guitar. I do.

There there are the ones without the other shirt:Asher Photo Shoot 4

Asher Photo Shoot 2

Asher Photo Shoot 1Yes, yes. The sleeveless thing is a BIG YES in my book.

Oh, and because my editor is the Queen of Cool, there are also these (!!!)

Asher Photo Shoot 13

Asher Photo Shoot 11

Asher Photo Shoot 12

I mean…WHAT?!

How perfect is this guy for Asher? Whoever you are, cover model guy, I’m applauding. You nailed my rock star.

I cannot wait to see the final product!!! Obviously, that green screen will turn into a beautiful backdrop of Evergreen Cove. 


I love my job. 

(How glad are you that you stopped by today?) 

~Jess  😎 


We Have a Title!

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Looks like we can stop calling Bad Boy book 4 “Asher and Gloria” or as some of you like to call this highly anticipated book:



Yes, that’s right, my amazeballs editor and I have come up with a title! This may sound silly, but titling is the hardest part for me. We kicked around several, and finally settled on…


I love it! Do you? This title is expected out early-ish 2016, and you know I’ll keep you posted on the deets.

~Jess :)


Friday Free-for-All

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Who says teasers can only be shared on Tuesday?


I’m sitting here working on Asher’s book and wanted to share a snippet. Granted, this is first draft, but I really like it and wouldn’t surprise me at all if it ends up in the final.

Here you go. Your first look at Asher’s book:

He grasped her hand and turned toward the bonfire. His arm stretched straight between them when she refused to move. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He faced her, but stayed silent, tugging on her fingers the slightest bit. She came to him. One trudging step at a time. When she was within reach, he leaned close, but didn’t kiss her. Her eyes darkened and her lips parted. But he still didn’t kiss her. “Making you want it, honey.” 

Then he led her to the fire and to their friends.

~Jess  😎 


Meet the Band

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Hi Bad Boy Readers,

Huge hugs from sunny Ohio!

This week, heck, this month has been one where I’ve struggled with balance in all things. Not only am I on a crazy tight deadline but it also finally stopped raining like WHOA. I seriously debated taking up Arc Building in my not-so-spare time.


Asher’s book is on the docket to be written next, for his release in 2016. After he’s through, I’m diving straight into my hotel-owning, Chicago-based billionaires. What a switch, right?  

I’m SUPER excited to be in the middle of writing Asher’s book–and love to hear that many of you are equally excited to read it! We’ll finally meet his rock ‘n’ roll bandmates. Cool right? I sat down to pen them yesterday then realized… I had no idea what this nefarious crew looked like.

Enter Pinterest.

Where there are lots of hot man photos for my perusal and where I might borrow a few of them for casting as Asher’s band. After all, I did find Asher there. May as well pluck his friends from there as well.

Meet the band:

IMG_0261Knight Time, L to R (for fictional purposes only, of course):
Asher Knight himself, Shiff, Ricky, and Fonz. 

These four look like a group who could get into enough trouble for my liking. So here I go…next scene: lakeside party. I’m thinking Jordan is going to make an unwanted appearance as well. But really, when did we ever like her popping up? 

~Jess  👿 


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