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The Lemmon 15 :: February 2017

The Lemmon 15 is LIVE!


So… If you haven’t yet received February’s issue of the Lemmon 15, don’t panic! I set the time recommended by MailChimp as 8 PM, but for some reason, it sent the link to my Facebook page in the middle of the night?


Read it here, or wait ’til it hits your inbox, totally up to you!

In February’s issue:

    • Price Drop on BND continues!
    • Exclusive excerpt from The Bastard Billionaire
    • A peek at a new hockey project from an author friend
    • More information about my James Patterson’s Bookshots




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Jessica Lemmon 

Billionaire Price Drop!

If you saw this morning’s newsletter, then you’re already in the know, but for those of you who missed it, I have news!

Two of my billionaires are on sale–one of them today only.



A few fun details about the book:
    • Features a marriage of convenience between the hero and heroine. Six months and they’re done with each other. (Guess how well that works out?)
    • The perfect Valentine’s Day read as Reese and Merina dine at a restaurant known for their aphrodisiacs. (Watermelon soup, anyone? 🍉)
    • TBB is the first book in the series about three billionaire brother hotel magnates.






A few fun details about the book:
  • At 6’5″, 270 lbs., Tag Crane is a lotta man! He also has long hair (see: Brock O’Hurn for prototype), which the heroine wouldn’t normally find attractive…until she does.
  • This is the second book in the series, *however* BND can be read as a standalone.
  • The tone of this book is light and fun! Lots of readers have called BND a rom-com and “hilarious!” If you’re looking for a fun, sexy read–this is your book.
  • BND is the first book where you get to meet the elusive middle brother, Eli. He’s home from the Marines, and yeah, okay, this intro is definitely an emotional gut-punch.





Also, the first two billionaire e-books are typically $5.99 each, which means you’re saving $8… which is enough left over to preorder Eli’s book.

Preorder links:


Billionaires on the cheap!

You can’t beat it. 🙂


Have a great week!





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The Lemmon 15 :: January 2017

The Lemmon 15 is LIVE!


In January’s issue:

    • A NEW series! (Plus my 2017 schedule)
    • Read an excerpt from the Bastard Billionaire
    • Book sale!
    • Giveaway and the reader Q of the month




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Jessica Lemmon 

the Lemmon 15 :: December 2016

The Lemmon 15 is LIVE!

In December’s issue:

    • Recipe for Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa (yep, you heard me.)
    • My December new release
    • A December sale on a fun holiday book
    • Reader Q of the month
    • The December giveaway

Read it here!


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Jessica Lemmon 🎅🏻

Sale! Curl Up with Connor McClain for $1.99

I recommend curling up with A Bad Boy for Christmas this time of year anyway, but now Connor’s book is on sale across e-formats for $1.99 and all I have to say is…

What are you waiting for?!

Get him while the getting’s good, and enjoy the tree-trimming, wine-drinking, alpha-male-ing for less money this season.










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The Lemmon 15 ~ November 2016

{Oops! Almost forgot to share November’s newsletter! Here it is in its entirety ICYMI.}


In this month’s newsletter:

  • “Tag You’re It” contest
  • Shut Up and Kiss Me… the book! What you need to know.
  • Reader Q of the month
  • I draw TWO winners of the complete Second Chance series
  • Announcements galore!











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Top Pick for Shut Up and Kiss Me

Last night I stumbled across some great news on Twitter!

Shut Up and Kiss Me, my opposites attract, stammering hero, rich heroine book received a TOP PICK from Harlequin Junkie!



HJ raves:

With Ms. Lemmon being one of my must-buy authors, I couldn’t wait to read this opposites attract trope encompassing story, and I’ve got to say that it was everything I’d hoped for and more. 

HJ goes on to say: 

As for the dialogue, even though I’m not a fan of romance novels that are told in the first person by both the hero and heroine, I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written and a wonderful combination of intense, due to the main characters back stories and the difficulties Cade faces with his speech; and playful due to the growing relationship between Cade and Tasha with what she’s willing to do to help him.

You can preorder your copy of SUKM today. It comes out December 6!


Thanks so much Harlequin Junkie!










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Win it Wednesday: Holiday Edition


Welcome to a very special holiday edition of #WinitWednesday! This week on my author page, I have a very special giveaway going on: TWO copies of A Bad Boy for Christmas!



Now, you can kiss me, Cupcake.” Unable to resist the invitation, Faith rested her hand on his chest, stretched her chin up just a little, and put her lips on his. He reacted immediately, turning his body toward hers, sliding the arm that wasn’t wrapped around her shoulders to her back, and pulling her in. His mouth slanted over hers, his tongue pushing past her lips. She drank him in, making out with him for long minutes, savoring his flavor and the way he kissed her. Controlled yet wild. She’d never been kissed the way Connor kissed her. His lips were perfect, sealed over hers but parting to let her take in a breath, preventing her from getting too far away.

How to Enter:

Go to my Facebook Page for more details!










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Final Sale and Contest Days!

Hello lovely readers!

I am reposting the Lemmon 15 here in case you missed it on November 15th,

but it also serves a double purpose as… a reminder. 

We are on the *FINAL* days of a 99¢ sale for Fighting for Devlin

and there are only two days left in the Tag, You’re It contest!


You can either reread for all the goodies you may have missed

by clicking here or on the photo below…




You can click these buttons and get right to the two options I mentioned.


Buy Fighting for Devlin for 99¢


Enter the Tag You’re It Contest



Thanks for being here!

(Those of you in the U.S., have a Happy Thanksgiving!)


Jessica 🦃💕

Tag You’re It ~ Contest!

As promised in the November Lemmon 15, the Tag You’re It Contest is here!



The what now?


My publisher has offered up five (count ’em FIVE) early copies of The Bastard Billionaire to five lucky readers!

Can you stand it?!

The book’s not out until the end of February, and yet you could be one of the lucky few curled up on your couch on the holidays reading Eli’s book.





How to enter


  1. Find The Billionaire Next Door on the shelf (or on your e-readers, but I’d really love to see it “in store!”)
  2. Take a selfie of you holding the book or smiling with the book.
  3. Post it anywhere on the internet (your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) using the hashtag #TeamTagCrane
  4. Email my assistant Crystal at with a screen shot of the post (or the actual picture and where you posted it).


Rules & Such

  • Contest runs from Friday, 11/18 through Wednesday, 11/23 (the perfect time for you to check out the book section at your local grocery or Walmart or Target while shopping for ingredients for the upcoming holiday!)
  • One entry per person
  • No stealing! It must be your photo. Take a photo with yourself or you holding the book if you can, because I love to see those smiling faces!
  • US and Canada only, please.





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