July Random Roundup

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I had a bunch of stray bits and pieces of info to share with you all, but none of them fit neatly into one part of the Lemmon 15 (coming Saturday, July 15!). So here they are, your July Random Roundup.

Bloggers & reviewers!
Did you know that all of the graphics I create for teasers are available for your use? Simply go to the book’s page on my website and click BEHIND THE SCENES.

Publishers, Film, and Media outlets! 
I have an updated PRESS KIT on my site available for viewing and downloading. Click HERE.

Not yet a member of the Lemmondrops  Facebook group? You can learn more by clicking HERE or request to join HERE.

Aspiring Writers!
Did you catch the latest Write Tip Wednesday on my blog? Read NOW. You can also check out my website page for writers HERE.

Paperback Enthusiasts!
Want to know if your favorite book is in print or e-only? I have a section on my website for Paperbacks to help you find out quickly and easily if the book you want is available in paperback format. Click HERE.

Curiosity Kittens!
To ask a question that could be featured in the Lemmon 15 newsletter, contact me HERE and ask away.





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