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It’s official!

There are going to be more Real Love books in the series coming in 2018. If you’re a super savvy fan, you noticed I trickled out the placeholder covers and a banner for the newbies on this website as well as in September’s Lemmon 15, you sly foxes you. 😏


So, what gives on the titles?

Ah, I see you’ve noticed that there’s no “Candy” in the title on these new ones. That’s because books 4 & 5 are technically spin-offs. Like the other “Candy” books, they can be read as standalones, but you do get a glimpse at some of the earlier characters.

Will they be in print?

Like the rest of the series, Rumor Has It and All I Ask will be available in e-book and audio formats.

Who are they about?! Anyone we know??

Not yet! But no worries, you’ll be introduced to Barrett Fox (Rumor Has It’s hero) in Man Candy, and you’ll be introduced to Jackson Burke (All I Ask’s hero) in Rumor Has It.

Can you tell us anything about the plot?

I sure can. I put these fun little graphics on the individual book pages, but how about I share them here for you as well?


**THIS JUST IN** We have back cover copy & buy links for RUMOR! Click here to see them.




Is preorder available?

Not yet! This book deal was very recently inked, but I promise as they become available I’ll list the links on the book’s pages.

Do they have release dates?

They do! Rumor Has It will be out in May 2018 and All I Ask will be out in October 2018.

Anything else you can tell us about them?

Hmm… possibly, but by now you know the drill. The Lemmondrops will have first peeks at the works in progress. (Want to join? Click here.) You can also take a peek at the behind the scenes section on the individual books’ pages to see who inspired the hero and heroine.


More to come!



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