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Is your inbox filled with NOISE?

Mine is! And I’ve been deleting every non-essential newsletter that comes my way. Who makes the cut? Anyone who provides value, makes me smile, or brightens my day. Everyone else? UNSUBSCRIBE. I don’t want to open my inbox and see nothing but mindless chatter. So when it came time for me to write my own newsletter, I worked hard to keep it from being NOISY. 


I love the Lemmon 15! It’s a refreshing read that keeps me up to date with one of my favorite one click authors  ~Melissa B.

 Want Jessica Lemmon book updates to come to you?

Have it delivered to your favorite email address (I recommend the one you check while enjoying your morning tea or coffee.) and I vow to deliver it once a month in a no-nonsense, fun way.


Sweet, not sour, the Lemmon 15 is a monthly guilty pleasure. ~LC Loves Reading


What else can I get?

How about what I promise NOT to give you. I’ll never share your email address with anyone else–even if they bribe me with my favorite brand of potato chips. 😉 I’m also not going to do cross-promotional anything and ask you to sign up for another newsletter. You want the Lemmon 15 because you want news about Jessica Lemmon books, and that’s what I’ll give you.



Like your favorite TV show, you know where to find the Lemmon 15 and what day it’ll be there. On the morning of the 15th of every month, settle in with book teasers, trailers, and my monthly roundup of what’s happening during the current month and beyond. If you’d rather save it for the evening and a nice cocktail, you’ll get no complaints from me.

The Lemmon 15 is one of the few newsletters I make a point to read from beginning to the end!  ~Traci W.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the simple form below using your favorite email address. (The one you read while enjoying your morning coffee or while settling in with your evening nightcap.)


Wanna read last month’s newsletter? I post every Lemmon 15 in my NEWS section.


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