A mini peek into my culinary history…

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Hi everyone!  I’ve been cooking a lot lately… like… a LOT. Partially in thanks to a new cookbook I’m having a torrid affair with, and partially because since I moved to the sticks, there isn’t a nearby Taco Bell. *sob* I really do miss that! I stumbled upon this former blog, and thought it was […]



Starting Things Right

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I’m not much of a morning person… but I do like to get out of bed and have a nice morning. A slow morning. Typically, I start by crawling my aching body out of bed (My mattress is way too hard. I know this and one day I will remedy it.), dragging myself to the kitchen […]



Hangover Hash: The Deluxe Version

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The story behind Evan Downey’s Hangover Hash is a fun one. When I was writing Bringing Home the Bad Boy, I had a scene where Charlie (Charlotte) drank WAY too many drinks at the Starving Artist Festival, and of course, our valiant hero isn’t going to let her go home to sleep it off alone. […]



Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Bisque

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I’m sharing a Friday Feast recipe a day late, but hey, you have to eat on Saturdays, too, right? 😉 This one comes to you via my aunt in Arizona. We share a love for healthy food (as long as it’s delicious), so she figured I’d like this recipe.  She was right.  My favorite part of […]


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Jalapeño Butternut Sweet Potato Soup

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Excuse me, what? Who puts a jalapeño in squash soup? Well, Google it. The answer is: almost everyone! I adore this belly-warming soup, and while it takes a little prep because butternut squash is the hardest thing to peel and chop EVAR, it’s worth every bit of elbow grease.  Jalapeño Butternut Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients: […]


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Cheater G-Nut Stew

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What the heck is a G-nut? It’s short for one of your favorite things, and you didn’t even know it. G-nut=Ground Nuts. Peanut butter! This recipe comes from Lindsay Nixon’s Everyday Happy Herbivore, and let me tell you, this soup sounds weird, but tastes amazing! Also, soup in 15 minutes with ingredients you have sitting in the pantry? […]


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Easy Peasy Meal Planning in 5 Steps

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I prompted a question when I posted this on Twitter this afternoon: Elle asks:  I responded via Twitter in three or four short burst tweets before I realized this would make a great post. Because who among us (author Elle Asher included) couldn’t use a trick up our sleeves when it comes to planning meals? I’m […]



Friday Feast: Homemade Mayo

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Healthy Mayo? Sign me up! This spread has zero added fat, zero eggs, zero oil, and is SO, so good. Plus, it costs about $2.00 to make. SCORE! I stopped being a die-hard vegan, but some of the tricks of the trade I’d learned stayed in my repertoire. Mayonnaise on a sandwich when I was […]


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Friday Feast: 6-layer dip

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Why 6 Layers? Why not 7? Well, because that’s the way I made it. If you want a layer 7, grab some black olives. Mr. Lemmony doesn’t care for olives, so that step is a no-go in our household. 😉 Last week, I shared the recipe for chili-lime tortilla chips (baked, so you can eat […]


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Friday Feast: Chili-Lime Tortilla Chips

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You’ve read my official bio, haven’t you? In it, I expound on my love for potato chips. If waxing poetic about my favorite snack food in the backs of my books isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. “Soon it became apparent she’d only be truly happy doing what she loved. And since “eating potato […]


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