Top 5 Writer Tools of the Trade

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What are a writer’s tools of the trade? A computer, obviously, and a healthy imagination. And here are a few more: 1. A place to keep all your thoughts… Whether it is a manila folder holding all your random thoughts, post-its, and photo inspiration, or a spiral bound planner, have a place to keep your thoughts so […]


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Q&A: Atypical

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I received a tweet from a reader and I was so excited! I love questions about process. If you ever have one, please don’t hesitate to ask! I remember being insatiably curious about this business before I was published. So here goes–I’m going to answer this question to the best of my ability. My only issue […]



Throwback Thursday: A Little Sap

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With Tempting the Billionaire’s paperback (mass market) release coming on Tuesday, I couldn’t reisist sharing this (slightly sappy, but very true) post. I originally posted this on my Facebook page on 11/22/12.  Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for SO much. Tempting the Billionaire isn’t just a book to me, it’s a symbol of three years […]



The Reunion & Rejection

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Last Friday afternoon, there was a lull in my day. On a whim, I dug through my file drawer looking for a short story I’d submitted to a contest a few years back (for Better Homes & Gardens, or some such–I can’t remember now), but instead I found myself hovering over the first manuscript I’d […]



Is TROPE a 5-letter “4-letter” Word?

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Today I’m visiting THE HOT PINK TYPEWRITER & talking about tropes. Some love it, some hate it, some don’t understand it. Come see me!   ALSO: If you’ve read HARD TO HANDLE, CAN’T LET GO, or TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE, please write up a review on the ‘net! ~Jess 🙂


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A Method to My Madness

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I was tweeting with another author on Wednesday about how interesting we found other author’s processes. On the off chance you are as nosy–erm, I mean CURIOUS–as we are, I’m going to share my method today. Fair warning: My method deviates often. It’s my curse. I’m the least consistent person in the world, though I […]


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On Blogging

Posted Mar 20 2013 in

A  long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), I started a blog to talk about my pursuit of becoming published, and any other thing that I found relevant at the time. What I ended up with was a blog that acted as a journal, and I love to look back and remember […]



On Doubt

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Doubt. We all suffer from it from time to time. And no matter how hard you try and outrun it, some days, Doubt will always catch up. And then lap you. There’s no Doubt Shot to help you become immune, no way to avoid the crumbling feeling inside that you haven’t quite measured up to […]



Want to be a writer?

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Want to be a writer when you grow up? Maybe a few of these blog posts from my not-so-distant past can help. CLICK! ~Jess


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The Importance of Being Earnest

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Did you happen to see my guest blog over at Jeannie Moon’s site? In it, she asked many great questions, but my favorite was this one: What was the hardest part about getting this book from sale to release? I don’t normally dwell on hurdles, so at first, that question was a bit difficult to […]