The Perfect Boiled Egg

Posted Jan 21 2017 in ,

ūüć≥ Of all the culinary achievements I’ve mastered (cashew ricotta, flavorful tofu scramble, killer 3-bean chili), there are a few foods that I can’t seem to get just right. Bread dough is one–I don’t know why but the idea of homemade dough¬†completely perplexes and intimidates me (good thing I’m not eating much gluten), and another […]



Hangover Hash: The Deluxe Version

Posted Feb 20 2015 in , ,

The story behind Evan Downey’s Hangover Hash is a fun one. When I was writing Bringing Home the Bad Boy, I had a scene where Charlie (Charlotte) drank WAY too many drinks at the Starving Artist Festival, and of course, our valiant hero isn’t going to let her go home to sleep it off alone. […]



Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Bisque

Posted Feb 7 2015 in , , ,

I’m sharing a¬†Friday Feast recipe a day late, but hey, you have to eat on Saturdays, too, right? ūüėČ This one comes to you via my aunt in Arizona. We share a love for healthy food (as long as it’s delicious), so she figured I’d like this recipe.¬† She was right.¬† My favorite part of […]


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Easy Peasy Meal Planning in 5 Steps

Posted Jan 19 2015 in , , , , , , , ,

I prompted a question when I posted this on Twitter this¬†afternoon: Elle asks:¬† I responded via Twitter in three or four short burst tweets before I realized this would make a great post. Because who among us (author Elle Asher included) couldn’t use a trick up our sleeves when it comes to planning meals? I’m […]



Friday Feast: 6-layer dip

Posted Dec 12 2014 in , , ,

Why 6 Layers? Why not 7? Well, because that’s the way I made it. If you want a layer 7, grab some black olives. Mr. Lemmony doesn’t care for olives, so that step is a no-go in our household. ūüėČ Last week, I shared the recipe for chili-lime tortilla chips (baked, so you can eat […]


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Eggplant Sammie

Posted Nov 14 2014 in ,

  A week or so ago, I mentioned on Facebook my trip to Trader Joe’s. Along with some wine (but of course) and smoked salmon (amazing), I also found a big, beautiful eggplant staring me down. This purple beauty was only $1.69 but I hesitated buying it. Why? Because often I overload on the perishables […]


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Watermelon & Avocado Salad

Posted Aug 29 2014 in ,

I only took one picture of this beauty. My apologies! I was too excited to try it, and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure it would actually taste good. We paired this perfectly sweet, amazing salad with grilled red potatoes (topped with a dash or two of Tabasco) and a piece of Mahi Mahi. The […]


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Journey Back from Veganville      

Posted Aug 21 2014 in , ,

Hi, my name is Jessica and I used to be a vegan. Weird that I feel the need to confess that, right? Except when you make a food change as drastically as I did (in 2011, I ate a bacon cheeseburger on a Saturday and went vegan on a Sunday) people notice, want to talk […]



Friday Feast: Upton’s Naturals

Posted Apr 26 2013 in , , , ,

Today on Friday Feast I have to share a modern miracle of the Veg world. In contrast to my April Fool’s joke stating I was going to start eating bacon again, today I’m showing what I’m really¬†eating instead: the “finest faux” bacon on the block! Today was my first taste of Upton’s, but with their […]



Crock-Pot Asparagus Potato Soup

Posted Feb 22 2013 in , , ,

Sometimes, inspiration for a meal will come from the overabundance of an ingredient. Such is the case with this asparagus potato soup. I had purchased a HUGE bunch of gorgeous, green, organic asparagus at a super fancy (read: expensive) grocery store. It sat languishing in my fridge for a few days and finally I decided […]


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