The Timey Has Come

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Hi everyone! For today’s #WriteTip, I’m sharing a blog about a kitchen timer that helped me get stuff DONE. Timing myself to force the writing was a new concept back then, but definitely something I use on and off now. Unfortunately, my trusty egg timer ticked its last tock several years ago, but I still had my phone. The problem with the phone? It’s tempting to pick up the device and check other things… like Facebook and Twitter for the next 42 minutes. I recently opted for a sand timer. I thought, hey: no ticking! no braaaanging! Just the soft sift of sand for sixty minutes.

And I haven’t used it yet. 🙃

In my defense, I’ve been mostly editing lately. Today, I’m scheduled to tuck into my second Dallas book for Harlequin. A mayor. A mansion. A snowstorm… like where that’s going? Me too. Just as soon as I can remember how to write a fifty-thousand-word book from a ten-page synopsis. 🤔

By the way, if you’d like your own Timey, here’s the link where I am considering purchasing his replacement. 




This post originally appeared on my former blog, Sm:)e Feel Good.


You may not know this, but I’ve had a friend in the trenches helping me write lately. His name is “Timey” (as in “What time-y is it?”) and he’s an egg timer – literally – an egg shaped timer. (I could giggle about this for days.)

Something about Timey delights me to no end. Perhaps it’s his innocent “who me?” look, or maybe the fact that he hasn’t quite come out of his shell. But my favorite thing about Timey is, for as innocent has he looks, he applies pressure when I have a self-made writing deadline.

Recently, Julie Musil posted about Write or Die (which I had to try out immediately). This tool is raved about by authors a GOB, but there’s one little paranoia I can’t quite get over to be able to use this tool effectively. I would have to type my words into their provided space with (GASP!) no saving or backing up. And then (apparently there are TWO little paranoias) I’d have to copy/paste it into my MS which is already perfectly set to 25 pt, .5 indent, courier type – which means reformatting the words. *cringe*

So for these reasons, I took another look at Timey, who had been sitting innocently on the stovetop waiting patiently for the electronic stove timer to go kaput so he could have his day in the sun. I took him into my basement hidey-hole to write and we had a little problem.

He ticks. LOUDLY.

So, I took him into the TV room just outside my office and put him there, where he ticked away the minutes with glee while I typed my MS. Every time I started to stray into Twitter or Facebook… or check my email, I had a niggling voice in my head say, “Timey is counting down!” and it forced me right back into my MS and away from all the time-chokes that are awaiting me on the internet.

Not to mention, this is also a good way to remind yourself to get up, stretch and get the kinks out of your neck, shoulders and for me, my right elbow (ouch).

Do you have a Timey or similar device? How do you avoid the distractions of all the shiny, pretty webbernets?

For today,
Smile (tick), Feel Good, (tick, tick), Pass it On (tick, BRAAAANG!)

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  1. Shirley J.Grimes says:

    I love Timey.He is so cute. I don’t think I would use him but put him on my knick-knack shelf.

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