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“Author Jessica Lemmon’s writing added some spice to Holly’s sweet, budding relationship with Dalton—and it made me enjoy reading about their romance even more. I hope you will, too.”
 ~James Patterson

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The loooooooong wait is over!

I finished writing this James Patterson Bookshots a year ago, so I’ve been waiting a long time for you all to meet Dalton and Holly! 50 Hidden Desires is told in third person POV (he/she, him/her) and is a complete novel in a bite-size chunk that you can read in 1-3 hours depending on how fast of a reader you are.

For those of you looking forward to the print book, I’m sorry to say that they discontinued the line in print before mine could hit the presses. 🙁 The book is available on both digital and audio, the digital a sweet $2.99 price tag that *includes* a bonus novella by me! Can’t Let Go, originally published in 2013 is a companion novella between Tempting the Billionaire and Hard to Handle.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, there’s nothing more for you to do except enjoy the book and leave a review (pretty, pretty please?) but if you’re still on the fence, I’ve included a few excerpts that might sway you below.

Happy reading!

Jessica Lemmon

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Two days after The Incident, Holly pulled into the Brownsboro district and parked on the edge of the dirt-covered street. As neighborhoods outside of Hartford went, this one wasn’t the worst, but close to it.

Brownsboro’s potential was great, with its convenient location near a new apartment complex and revitalization project on the strip where several upscale restaurants had recently opened their doors.

When her father let her know about Browsboro, Holly had begged to be on the project. It was slightly out of her league, but she’d listed Dalton’s abilities and argued that together, they’d be the perfect team to run the project.

After a few anxious hours, her father agreed. Dalton had jumped at the chance to head up the project, and Holly hadn’t been surprised. If there was anyone unafraid to do difficult work, he was first in line.

Except for her. She was difficult and he wouldn’t do her. She spotted him on the other side of the street, his pale blue shirt stretched over his strong back, hands on his hips while he leaned over a clipboard and talked to a foreman. She grabbed the bright yellow hardhat from the front seat of her BMW and put it on. At the sound of her shutting her driver’s side door, Dalton turned his head. The moment he spotted her, his brow crashed down.

So not happy to see her… but still so sexy. He turned back to the foreman. In her world, men who wore suits and ties were dull and drab. Being onsite with the grouchy best friend of her brother was an exciting experience of jeans and tees and muscles and damn, Dalton had a great ass.

He fit here. He fit with her. All she had to do was convince him. Despite his firm “no” in her office, she’d glanced to his southerly hemisphere and caught sight of something equally firm. He was attracted to her, he just hadn’t wanted to admit it.

They’d known each other a long time, so his hesitance was understandable. But she needed him to see things the way she saw things. As part of her New Holly Resolution, she refused to take no for an answer. She was going to nail this.

So to speak.

❊ ❊ ❊

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The smell of fresh sawdust piped through the vent, and Holly’s gaze was focused on the house frames standing like sentinels. “Remember when I told you about the girl you took parking—”

“Let’s not rehash that tale of debauchery, yeah?”

“Who knew you were such a prude?” She laughed, the sound like chimes in the wind. “Well. I thought of another example.”


“There was this time at one of my parents’ parties…”

“Don’t tell me you saw something.” Please, God. Her hearing him talk shit with Jace was bad enough. If he’d known she’d been paying this close attention to him, he never would have given her such horrendous examples of what jerks guys could be.

“I was seventeen, then, and very worldly.” She gestured to herself, one hand over her breasts. Holly Larson wasn’t seventeen now. With the moonlight shining on those high cheekbones and her clear, concise way of speaking, it was obvious she’d grown into a vibrant, sexy woman. A woman who wanted him to touch her everywhere he could reach tonight.

Goddamn. It was a gift.

“You and this really gorgeous redhead were in the billiards room.”

He remembered her. Shelly. No, wait. Shelby. “She wasn’t that hot,” he argued.


Holly was hotter, but since that would sound like a line, he kept it to himself.

“You laid her down, but the room opened to the back of the couch, so I couldn’t see what was happening.”


“I just wanted to know what it would be like to be with… someone.”

The pause made him suspicious. Someone? Like him? His cheeks warmed and he reached for the vent.

“With you,” she confirmed. “So thanks for giving me the chance at experiencing, well… you.”

Her eyes, wide and earnest, were focused unerringly on him. She meant it. She seriously meant it. The guy who used to have a net worth of a TransAm was starring in Holly Larson’s fantasy.

She shouldn’t be thanking him. He hadn’t earned her.

Palm on her jaw, he leaned over the console and kissed her mouth like he’d envisioned that day she showed up at the construction site in Brownsboro. He didn’t want to talk about what he’d done with other girls in cars or at parties, and he didn’t want to think of Holly seeing or hearing about any of it.

He meant to pull away. He’d wanted it to be a quick experimental kiss to end the suspense. He meant to… but he didn’t.

❊ ❊ ❊

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