Announcing... my 2018 Word of the Year

Happy End of 2017, everyone!

I can't believe it's here, but guys... IT IS HERE.


So, how did your 2017 fair? Was it a dumpster fire or were you among the lucky ones who made great strides and progress? I've had both types of years, but I'm pleased to say that 2017 was a win for me!

My word of the year last year was RECEIVE, which was perfect. I was coming off a 2016 and my word of the year then was RELEASE. I let go of many, many things. We moved from our home of 14 years (a family home that no one outside of my family has lived in until we sold it). I let go of others' expectations of me and began asking what I truly wanted. I let go of things and KonMaried my home and belongings, which wasn't as hard to do as I thought and made moving a hell of a lot easier.

After all that letting go in 2016, RELEASE led into a 2017 of pulling things in. My income increased and book/audio deals and royalties seemed to crawl out of the woodwork. We bought a hot tub and a convertible and a boat and padded our emergency fund and IRA. I don't tell you this to brag, but to convey an important message: if you're in a year of struggle, it can get better. After years and years of our own financial and emotional struggles, having the balance of enough money to do fun things was heady! (In case you were wondering, the classes that helped us get out of debt and prioritize are HERE and HERE.)

So... what to do with 2018?! The last two years I have done goal-setting via Stratejoy, which is a wonderful program but lacked a method to tie my goals into my daily to-do list. This year I went the route of Powersheets, which both my friends Katee Robert and Jeannie Moon (among others) recommended. I won't go into detail about it, but I will drop a link HERE.



My 2018 word is...


I went through the Powersheets program, writing all my achievements and disappointments for the year, what I wanted, what appealed to me for the coming year, and I found a similar thread looped through much of what I wrote. What did I want for 2018? GROWTH. As a wordsmith, words are important... choosing the right one even more important. Growth sounded hard for some reason. I wanted a gentler word. One that, while it didn't have to feel "easy" would at least represent ease. Struggling and fighting and working to ACHIEVE, CONQUER, or be the BOSS LADY didn't have the right vibe.

get it.png

Ahh, but EXPAND... now that's a great word. It allows me to simply try a few things in a different or new way and see if I like them. Traveling? Eating differently? A new workout? A new writing adventure? Those are all encompassed in my 2018 word of the year.

It also allows for financial, spiritual, and mental growth. It allows you to expand your understanding, your time with God, and your income. 

So, there it is, kids... the easy part! ;) Now my job is to zero in on those goals and do the small, incremental, crucial steps to getting them DONE. 

May 2018 be your year to shine!