Girl Talk: My Interview with Reviewer Nikki Snider

*originally published in the February 2018 edition of the Lemmon 15

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Reviewer Nikki Snider sat down with me to discuss Fabio, Harlequin, and Lone Star Lovers...

Lemmon 15: As Admin of the Lemmondrops FB group and an all around fantastic friend/reader, you had access to an early read of Jessica Lemmon's (my) Harlequin debut, LONE STAR LOVERS. Tell me, what did you think of it?

Nikki Snider: It was fantastic! Also, I'm gonna need Chase's book soon. Like, tomorrow would be great! 

L15: LOL! You know I'll hook you up!

NS: Honestly, it didn't feel like a Harlequin! I don't typically read them because they aren't hot enough. The bedroom [door] isn't open wide enough for me However, this book still had the steam I like!

L15: Yes, I feel like the heat level has been stretched some with Harlequin Desire, which is super fun! So, given that this was a continuation of sorts from the Billionaire Bad Boys series (Zach Ferguson + Penelope Brand), did you find it as satisfying even though this is a Harlequin title?

NS: It was completely satisfying. The love scenes were graphic enough that I enjoyed those moments. I didn't feel like I missed out on the intimacy of the relationship. Honestly, I didn't feel like they were all that different from your Billionaire series. Some of the words were toned down, but the heat factor was still very much there!

L15: That's so great to hear! Since Harlequin has been around since our grandmother's time, I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about the current books.

NS: Whenever I mention Harlequin, more often than not, the person gives me this weird look. They immediately think of Fabio with his [hair] blowing in the wind, wearing an open pirate shirt, with the heroine on her knees clinging to his leg!

L15: Yes. That. LOL.

NS: There's a huge misconception that the heroines in Harlequin books are pushovers. But I've found the opposite in most cases. The heroines are stronger than in the past. They're still soft and feminine, but they're also sassy and smart.

L15: I couldn't agree more. Plus so many current authors are writing for Harlequin these days, so the stories are fun and fresh. Jules Bennett, Maisey Yates, and Karen Booth come to mind. Is there anything else you'd like readers to know?

NS: People [sometimes] think that there isn't any substance to the plots. That they're full of cheesy tropes and not much else. Again, I think that's false, for the most part.

L15: It's so great to hear a reader's perspective on this. When I pitched my ideas to Harlequin, I had read many, many, many recent Harlequin titles, but it's good to know what women who aren't in the industry think of the brand. Thank you so much for talking with me.

NS: You're so welcome!

L15: I'll hook you up with Chase's book soon!

NS: 😘