My (gasp!) Anti-Harlequin Past

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I'm thrilled to announce that there are more Lemmon books in the works! I wasn't sure if it was "safe" to announce, but then the lovely Alexandra Haughton tagged me on Instagram with this adorable screen shot, and I knew we were in the clear! (Thank you, A!)


Harlequin Desire purchased a six-book contract for publication over the course of the next few years (fall of 2019- spring 2021)!

Current projects

I've settled in really quickly over at Harlequin Desire, and I couldn't be happier! I'm super stoked about more flashy, fun, wealthy heroes and heroines. If you're not familiar with Harlequin Desire, here are some fast facts on the line.

  1. Harlequin Desire romances guarantee an emotional ride that moves quickly and sizzles with every twist and turn!

  2. Harlequin Desire stories are set in a world of luxury and drama.

  3. Harlequin Desire's sexy heroes and dynamic heroines are surrounded by scandals and secrets that can span generations. But in the end, they’ll find wealth and privilege are nothing without love….

My (gasp!) Anti-Harlequin Past

My grandmother was a Harlequin junkie! I recall these huge metal shelves in the basement absolutely packed with Harlequin's cream-and-gold spines. She could always be seen reading one, usually on the back patio of the house in Ohio I ended up moving into before John and I moved to the lake.

I didn't want anything to do with "those books."

I don't say that proudly. 🙈

I read Stephen King, thank you very much. I was a horror girl. I wanted a "real" book with suspense and action and, okay, yes, a romance, too. I was twenty-two years old, knew what I liked, and Harlequin wasn't it.

And then I visited her one summer at her home in Florida.

I brought two books with me, but blazed through both of them in record time. I needed something else to read. My grandmother excitedly hopped out of her lawn chair (you know, the woven kind) and came out of the house hefting a paper grocery sack filled to the brim with... you guessed it: Harlequin novels.

I wrinkled my nose. No. Freaking. Way.


I loved my grandma. And I wanted something to do besides watch for rain. (There wasn't much to do in her retirement community in Florida unless I wanted to take up cigar smoking with my grandfather.) 

I opened a book, a Harlequin Suspense novel, and I. loved. it.


It was well-written! Who knew?! I thought these were my grandmother's obsession and had no idea there was anything relevant to my life behind those covers.

If you're a person who looks down her nose at Harlequin... I was you at one point in time.

LOVE her expression!

LOVE her expression!

My love for Harlequin romance quickly spread to Special Edition. The Best Man's Plan by Gina Wilkins was among the first few Harlequins I read, and I have it still on my bookshelf. I can't look at this cover without smiling. (It helps that the model resembles a young Patrick Dempsey, aka, McDreamy from Gray's Anatomy closely.)

This cover, tho... 😍

This cover, tho... 😍

From there I skipped around. I read mostly Special Edition, loving the trope-tastic but realistic stories. I stumbled across Heidi Betts and read what is one of my top five books of all time,  Blame it on the Blackout. Lucy and Peter are the BEST and I've read that book over and over again. (Humblebrag: My copy is signed by the fab Ms. Betts.) I quickly became addicted to my favorites. Heidi, Gina, Marie Fararella, Sarah Mayberry, and bought everything they'd ever written.

Ten years later, I decided to try my hand at writing one myself.

Now I'm a Harlequin Desire author writing the same kinds of books that wooed me away from murderers and mayhem.


Ready to put down your latest book-club read and try some frothy fun?

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what do you like to read in your romance?

You don't have to read Harlequin to throw your ideas at me. Let's hear 'em!



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Jessica Lemmon's (gasp!) anti-Harlequin past... and what changed everything!