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How about a little Behind the Scenes before I dispense the goods?


The scene I pulled to share today from Best Friends, Secret Lovers was a fun moment to write. Sabrina has been reading romance novels (basically torture since she can’t stop thinking about the steamy kiss she shared with her best friend on Valentine’s Day) and guess who found her book? Yep. Her BFF/hero, Flynn. When I wrote this scene, I was trying to think of a few really great lines to put in the book and then I thought, why come up with them from scratch?! So, I pulled the quoted lines from my Harlequin debut, Lone Star Lovers. Meta, baby. META.

Keep reading for a taste of best friends, secret lovers!


She turned around to present his glass of warmed licorice liquor, but his hands were full at the moment. Of the book she’d been reading.

“What are you doing?” Her mouth dropped into a stunned O, her voice outlined with worry. “Close that book immediately and take your drink.”

“Why?” He edged around the long end of the counter, putting them on opposite sides of it. “Something juicy in here?”

“No.” But her pink cheeks begged to differ.

He opened to where she’d slotted her bookmark, skimmed a few sentences and hit gold. He grinned at her.


“‘His mouth was as intoxicating as any liquor, but a thousand times more potent,’” he read.

“That’s out of context.” She came around the counter but he walked backward as he continued reading from another section.

“‘He replied to her complaint by sliding warm fingers over her bare back, and then snicking the zipper of her dress down over her backside.’”

“Flynn, please.” Her giggle was a nervous one. “Please don’t read that.”

“Why not? It’s a hell of a lot more interesting than what I was reading earlier.” He let her catch up to him and snatch the book from his hand, pressing it to her chest and hugging it. “Anything in there you want to try?”

He thought she would protest. Her cheeks were rosy as her teeth stabbed her bottom lip in what he assumed was indecision. Hooking a finger in the belt loop of her jeans, he tugged her against him, enjoying the plush softness of her breasts against his chest.

“Is my mouth intoxicating, Sabrina?” He nipped her bottom lip. 

“You’re making fun of me.” She shoved his chest.

“I’m not. I promise I’ll try anything in that book.”

Her eyebrow raised even as her cheeks stained a darker shade of pink. “Promise?”

He trusted her not to find a section where the hero was kicked in the balls. He raised a hand and took the oath. “I swear.”

“In that case.” She flipped through the book, back and then forward, before relocating her bookmark and handing it over.

He scanned the page quickly and smiled over the cover before tossing the book onto the couch. “I had no idea you liked that sort of thing.”

She shrugged one shoulder, adorable and tempting.

He couldn’t refuse her.

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