4 Crucial Steps to an Amazing Instagram Bio


Hi everyone!

Recently, my Instagram has undergone a mini-facelift. Not the kind where you move your eyebrows to the top of your head or anything, just a tiny little nip/tuck so that it still looks like my Instagram feed, only fresher.


Where Facebook is the go-to place for my Lemmondrops fan group, friends and family updates, and keeping in touch with my Color Street customers (hi, ladies!), I find more and more that Instagram is where I like to hang. The FB Page is virtually useless, since out of my over 5k followers only about 9 see a post, so I decided not to put any time/energy/effort into making unique posts for FB everyday. Twitter is a stream of consciousness that I used to love but now seems to mainly be a place of negativity and The News, so, other than notifications so that I can thank you lovely reviewers for saying nice things about my books, I also tend to steer clear. But Instagram, on the other hand, is a beautiful way to display photos and graphics, and literally feels like a breath of fresh air. The added option of IG stories also gives me a chance to post the not-perfect photos that update my followers on what I'm working on, my latest mani, or a photo of my adorable dog. (Hi, Daisy!) 

For those reasons and more, Instagram isn't only the place for me, it's become a place LOTS of people want to be! I'm focused on growing a real community over on the ole IG, but NOT in the "buy followers" kind of way. I want to attract people who want to be a part of what I'm cultivating. Real friends who are either inspired or educated by what I have to say.


While my change in the visual appearance has shifted over the last few weeks ago, I didn't know how to truly rock my Instagram bio until I took a free class given by the incomparable Hllary Rushford. She's truly amazing at this sort of stuff, not a novice like myself, so I *highly* recommend checking her out. She gained me as a follower quite a while ago for the exact reason she teaches--I loved her style and message. I don't remember how I stumbled across her feed but that overall feeling of visual "ahhhh" when I looked at it was why I clicked that follow button.


Which leads me to today's post: Writing an amazing Instagram bio!


My before (which I foolishly didn't screenshot!) read as follows:

Author of sexy billionaires & bad boys, fast-talking wife and mom to a rescue dog. Also a Color Street stylist.

There's nothing particularly wrong with that bio, by the way, but Hilary's suggestions kicked it up a notch.

Here's how it reads now:

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.05.43 AM.png

Okay, Jessica, so what's the difference?

Well, I'll tell you.


1) Give people a reason to follow you.

Why am I following you, Jessica Lemmon? I asked myself as I reread my bio. I'm a book reader, or a wife, or I also like dogs, we have things in common, but where's the value?

The updated bio now says "Bestselling romance author, joy advocate, animal lover."

Joy advocate. My IG feed is a blur of happy positivity and encouragement. That's what future followers can expect more of when they click the follow button.

2) Make it your own.

#LemmonLifestyle is the new hashtag I'm using on my IG posts. What is the Lemmon Lifestyle? Well I say it right in the bio. "Lemmon Lifestyle = Feeling Good." You can expect more good feelings when you click the follow button.

3) Location!

Whenever I follow someone I'm always curious about where they are. Other than write "Ohio" which gives you a visual of rows of corn and cows, I wanted that visual to match the photos on my feed. That's why it says πŸ“The Lake.

4) Offer a nibble.

Now that you're reading my bio and you and I are acquainted on a tentative first date you might be trying to decide if we'll last past the "cup of coffee" stage. To find out if we're really meant to be together, I offer an excerpt to my latest book in the link.


That's it!

How simple is that? There is a LOT more to learn about Instagram than this little nugget--I have pages of notes from Hilary's free class--but I hope that gives you a useable hack to help you reach the IG followers who are looking for your own specific brand of value in the future.

If you found any of this information entertaining or interesting, I invite you to follow me on Instagram, and/or sign up for my newsletter!


Jessica πŸ‹

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