Eye Candy is an Interactive Game!


“Read for fun” just took on a whole new meaning!

The book you love is now a game you can play! I’m so excited to have partnered with Chapters to bring you a beautifully animated book! Their take on Eye Candy, and Vince and Jackie’s journey is so incredibly fun. Just you wait.

Experience the book in a whole new visual way on January 3rd, 2018!


Haven’t read it yet?


Watch the Trailer


What is Chapters Interactive?

It’s an app for your phone or your tablet where you can play a choose-your-own-adventure style book.

How do I play?

Download the iOS app or the Android app and start playing! There are lots of different kinds of books, including Eye Candy.

When is Eye Candy available?

Eye Candy will release on Chapters Interactive on January 3rd.

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