How To Make an Abundance Notebook

I touched on this gorgeous notebook some in my blog post about Morning Routines, but I wanted to give you a more in-depth look at exactly what is INSIDE my Abundance Notebook in case you wanted to create one of your own!

My Abundance Notebook is a place to catch my thoughts, prayers, goals and affirmations. It’s my happy place to go when I’m feeling down, and also houses my fitness goals and tracking.

Let’s take a peek inside, shall we?

What’d I tell you?!

She’s gorgeous!

Let’s break down each of these by section and I’ll go more in-depth.

Section Number One: Abundance

I chose the name for this tab so that I would look forward to sitting down in the morning and envisioning my future plans, devoting some time to prayer and working on my Ho’oponopono (forgiveness work: see this blog!)

My purpose is on the front page, since that’s the most important reminder I can give myself.

Why am I on this planet?

What did God code me specifically for? The simple answer is TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO LIVE RICH, JOYFUL LIVES…

This blog is a great example of how I’m working on that purpose, with purpose.

Since this section is packed with goals and other verrrrry personal information, I can’t show you much of it! The corner of this page right in front of my goals section is a reminder to myself of what really matters, and to only “compete” with myself. I’m very much Team We All Win. High tide raises all ships!

That’s a removable sticky tab, btw and I LOVE THOSE THINGS. It allows me to keep my sub-sections within my main section for easy flipping.

I came across my Erin Condren Gratitude Journal while cleaning out my nightstand and decided to slide this book into the folder in my Abundance Notebook. You could choose to use any filler paper and create your own list, but since I had this handy, and I loved how chunky it made my notebook, I included it.

CONFESSION: I was really good about keeping up with this when I first received it, but quickly became bored. 😑 Mostly because the things I’m grateful for don’t change all that often! I can only write “house, dog, hubs” so many times in a row. I might do gratitude at the beginning of the week and then just list the top 3 things I accomplished that day on the other days of the week. We’ll see!

Other sub-sections you’re not seeing in this section are:

  • Vision

  • Affirmations

  • Prepare for tomorrow

Section Number Two: Devotional

The next big section in my Abundance Notebook is dedicated to a simple Bible study I (try to!) do every morning. If I miss the AM reading, I simply do it before bed. I bought these adorable stickers from Carpe Diem’s “faith” sticker book and I use those on Happy Planner Filler Paper to record what I learned, or simply rewrite the day’s verse. My favorite Joyce Meyer devotional is New Day, New You, but I also just picked up The Confident Woman, which is good, too!

Section Number Three: Fitness

Here’s a section that is new to my life! I purchased the Fitness Extension pack from Happy Planner (though the Wellness Extension pack would pull double duty if you’d rather! Click here to buy BOTH.) and snapped it into my notebook. It comes with the date stickers, since it’s undated, but the pretty “February” sticker came out of a Carpe Diem seasons sticker book.

I recently became a Shrink Session girl, which is a program by Mantras in Motion author Erin Stutland. I can’t recommend this exercise program enough! Granted, I was READY this year to make Fitness a priority, but I’m still blown away by how great I feel and how I went from doing yoga 3-4 times a month to working out doing some intense cardio and strength 3-5 times a week. (Bonus: it doesn’t feel the least bit hateful since Erin combines the movements with mantras and infuses every workout with good vibes. She is so sincere in wanting you to feel good and do your best. I adore her! You can follow her on Instagram at @erin.stutland, and while you’re there give me a follow as well!


Simple Steps: How To Create Your Own Abundance Notebook

  1. Buy a Happy Notebook! Of course, you could also use a 3-ring binder, but I hate how bulky they feel. Plus HP is TOTALLY customizable with extension packs and each of those pages easily removes by “tearing” it out and then you just push each page back in. I’m telling you, it’s the way to go! Shop directly from MAMBI for this one, Amazon’s offerings for HP notebooks right now are over DOUBLE the price. Mine is the “Farmhouse.”

  2. Buy accessories. Extension packs I mentioned above for fitness and wellness are GREAT. You can also buy larger rings for your HP if you intend on stuffing it to capacity. (That’s me, baby!) Filler paper is a MUST. I also like the folders and of course, the stickers. I’d suggest shopping around your local craft stores and utilizing their in-store coupons, but if you have your eye on a few that cannot be found (for me it was the Farmhouse stickers!!!), then I’d recommend going directly to the MAMBI shop.

  3. Doodle your heart out. Use your stickers, favorite markers, and make lists of everything you’d like to track in your new Abundance notebook. From what you’re reading to what you’re eating, to affirmations or visualization, the sky’s the limit!

That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my Abundance Notebook and, more importantly, I hope it inspired you to design one for yourself. A note about Happy Planners: They are for sale almost EVERYWHERE: Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby… but every store carries a different range of books and lately I can’t find ANYTHING in store. I’ve done almost all my shopping at Amazon (affiliate links above!) and at the MAMBI site, which means I paid extra for shipping and the product itself. But sometimes MAMBI was the only way to find exactly the items I was looking for. You can shop direct from them, but fair warning, the shipping can be slow, by clicking HERE.

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