The Cure for Social Media Fatigue

Let’s talk about social media fatigue.

Let’s talk about seeing a friend on social drop twenty pounds while you still have a jellyroll. Let’s talk about that happy couple in Hawaii smiling in front of palm trees while you’re in a gray office cubicle. Let’s talk about a friend who is proud of her achievement and instead of happy for her you start comparing her highs to your lows…





I had it.

I love my readers! I love my friends! And yet, a deep, unsatisfying exhaustion was there whenever I scrolled endlessly through Facebook or Instagram. Tired, I took a break from Instagram while I went on vacation. That week didn’t matter much to the (arbitrary) number of followers I had, so I posted some and then wondered what would happen if I took two weeks off. Not much. Then I started wondering…

What does matter?

Then one day, the universe (aka, God) intervened. Via email, I received a credit notice from Amazon. I had $3.50 to spend and one day to do it, but it had to be on an approved e-book. I clicked the link and I saw lots of non-fiction, and among them was this:

I asked the hubs about it and he was like, “Oh yeah. I just heard him on a podcast.” And so, the book by Cal Newport was purchased. (That’s an affiliate link, by the way. If this blog leads you to buy it, thank you for your support!) Little did I know that Digital Minimalism would change the way I viewed social media forever.

The book challenges you to do a 30-day detox from social media and then add back in what matters according to your values. One of my new goals/affirmations for the quarter is “I am using social media to support my values. It, in and of itself, doesn’t have any value. It’s not a time-waster for me.”

The first thing I did while reading the book was remove the social media apps from my phone. I’d already dumped Twitter and my FB Page a year ago and nothing but good things happened. As I type this, I have no zero social media apps on my phone. I have them on my iPad, and of course I can visit from my desktop computer and laptop, but it takes specific intention to do so. No longer can I pull out the cell phone for a lengthy scroll while at dinner with my husband… which is helping me to be present. Another of my big goals in my breakthrough year.

I am using social media to support my values. It, in and of itself, doesn’t have any value. It’s not a time-waster for me.
— Jessica Lemmon

John (Mr. Lemmon) even asked me to be on his podcast and discuss Digital Minimalism, which I do (over a cocktail) on One Drink With John. Either search on your podcast app, or listen online for free here.


Here’s how my social media outlook has changed.


Since your priorities are your own, the last thing you should do is look at my plan and duplicate it. You have to first decide what your values and goals are and then determine if a specific social media outlet is the ideal place to serve those values. That made prioritizing, while not easy for me, at least simple.

IG Puzzle Template  1.26.34 PM.png
  1. Instagram got the axe. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my beloved IG has to go! It’s a huge time requirement (the way I use it) and once I’m on there scrolling I can’t seem to unknot myself from the web. I posted a big, beautiful post for my “final” 9-square grid post (shared here as well) and gave myself permission to walk away.

  2. Twitter remains a low priority. I used to adore the quick-fire tweets and chats with my friends, but mostly Twitter remains a negative space that brings me down. I haven’t completely cut ties (this blog was posted there, and I pop in on occasion to check notifications), but the feed doesn’t serve me. And again, this is based on my personal set of values for my business—everyone is different so if Twitter honors yours, go for it!

  3. Facebook Page. Again, this blog was posted there and might be why you’re reading. There is value in Facebook in reaching readers and sharing new releases, and that’s why my PA is in charge of sharing the most important info on that page whenever it’s out. WARNING. Reach isn’t so great over there, so even if she posts it, you might not ever see it! Also, for live videos, I don't mind popping on there on occasion to share.

  4. Groups. Ahh, groups. Facebook seems to be doing this one right! My internet bookmark doesn’t go to any longer—it goes to my Facebook groups list. I even have a schedule (yep, a schedule!), so that I can keep up with the groups that matter most. That’s you, Lemmondrops! And my Zero Dry Time group (my customer sales group for Color Street), I’m still there for you as well. I’m embarking on a new group in May and will share details about that soon. It’s a multi-reader group and we’re trying it out. Keep an eye on the newsletter for details.

  5. Pinterest. If there is any outlier in this group, it’s Pinterest. I am a dedicated pinner and have been for years. I have a board for each one of my books including apartments, character inspiration, car and clothing styles… I also share my blogs there, which might be how you found this one! Pinterest is a different beast since it’s essentially a search engine, so it’s still very much on my user list.


The Bottom Line

My blog and my newsletter have my undying loyalty.

It doesn’t mean I’ll never be on social media, but it does mean that I’m prioritizing starting with blog & newsletter. If you’re looking to connect (and aren't we all?), the newsletter is hands down the best space to find out about what’s going on with me.

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the Cure for Social Media Fatigue