New Jessica Lemmon Series Coming in 2020!


I’m so excited to announce that I have a brand new series coming in 2020 with Harlequin Desire!

*commence cheering*

The series, Kiss and Tell follows the Knox family who founded the biggest tech company to come out of Silicon Valley. Jack Knox and Charles Thompson founded the company decades ago. With Charles having passed and Jack retiring soon, they’re leaving their children in charge.

Here are all the details I have now:

Book 1: His Forbidden Kiss

His Forbidden Kiss will tell the story of Royce Knox & Taylor Thompson, eldest son and only daughter of the two founders of the company. I adored writing this book. It was the first time in a while I didn’t bang my head on a wall trying to figure to what happens next. Royce and Taylor told their own story and I was there to watch. That’s the best!

Fun Fact 1: This title used to be Kissing the Wrong Brother (which I loved!), but Harlequin went in another direction.

Fun Fact 2: Hero Royce always wears a bowtie. A first for me!

Fun Fact 3: Inspiration for Royce and Taylor can be found on the Pinterest board here, and below is the graphic I shared on Instagram a while back, which captures their essence perfectly.


Fun Fact 4: I love how this book starts! Here’s a peek at the first (draft) paragraph:

Heartbeat pounding in her ears, heels of her designer shoes clacking on the marble flooring, Taylor Thompson ran as fast as she dared in the heavy, beaded floor-length Versace gown. She'd chosen it specifically for the River Grove Valentine’s Day gala, knowing it was extravagant even for the high-end affair, but until the tapered skirt was strangling her ankles with each quickening step she hadn't imagined it'd be inhibiting her escape.

She tugged the hemline as high as her calves, steered clear of the ladies’ room no doubt teeming with primped, classy women who were also attending the gala, and ducked into the coat room.

At least she’d thought it was a coat “room.”

Now that she'd shut the door behind her, the tight, dark space felt more like a coat cracker box.

No matter. She just needed thirty seconds to think away from onlookers. Without having to pretend she didn't know she was about to be proposed to.

God. A proposal.

What do you think? Are you hooked?

Book 2: Untitled

couple kissing at the fair.jpeg

What better follow-up to book 1 than the jilted brother whose proposal Taylor turned down? I have his feisty personal assistant in the wings waiting for him, so don’t worry—he’ll be fine!

Fun Fact 1: I’m calling this book Kissing Mr. Right, but we’ll see what Harlequin marketing decides.

Fun Fact 2: The hero and heroine are going to be stuck together… at a funeral.

Fun Fact 3: The heroine has a thing for the hero she’s determined to recover from in this book. The hero has absolutely no clue she likes him.

Fun Fact 4: Love clueless heroes? This one is my fave: CLICK HERE.

If you love billionaire stories, this is one of my most popular series to date!

Book 3: Untitled

glo and ash 2.jpg

Book 3 follows the lone Knox sister on her journey back to her ex-husband… who still works at the company and is still very much involved in her life. Can they make it work this time around?

Fun Fact 1: This will be my first ever romance book about a divorced couple!

Fun Fact 2: Gia reminds me a lot of the heroine in this book, and I’m SO HERE for it.

Fun Fact 3: The trick to writing a believable divorce couple reunited is going to be all about how they broke up... I’m making sure their bond was strong enough to make them want to try again.

Fun Fact 4: The hero in this one has some Emmett vibes, but won’t be as silent and broody.

2020 will bring not only these three titles from Harlequin Desire, but as it stands now, a brand new billionaire book I’ll be self-publishing! If you loved the Billionaire Bad Boys series, this new one is for you… I can’t wait to write it!

It’s your turn! Which one of these books sounds best to you?