A Day in the Life

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday to you! Mondays are my happy place. I know many people bemoan the day because it's the end of weekend fun and the start of getting back to the proverbial grindstone, but for me, it's a great chance to dig in and plan my week and really get back on track if I took the weekend off (which I never do). 

Except this weekend, I did!

Yep! Since I finished up a second round of edits for The Bastard Billionaire, I had the weekend to myself. Friday, the hubs and I traveled to Star City Brewing for a book signing (HUGE success). Saturday, I spent the day cooking/prepping for my meals for this week and the evening meeting new friends at a bonfire. Sunday was grocery day, disc golf day (my first time trying that sport), and Daisy had a play date with an adorable French bulldog named Ollie. I forgot how wonderful it is to take off an entire weekend! Pure luxury.

Mini Newsletter

I called this blog a mini newsletter because like the Lemmon 15, this post is going to feature a summary of upcoming events *and* a giveaway. I know I don't often do giveaways on the blog, but why not I say? So keep on reading...

FB characters

Have you seen the posts on Facebook where people are describing themselves using 3 fictional characters? How fun is that? It required some deep thoughts on my part, but I was able to narrow it down to 3 characters who fit me:


Jennifer Aniston from Picture Perfect, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Drew Barrymore from Fever Pitch. The right mixture of wide-eyed optimism, the desire to achieve and find love, and a healthy dose of hippie. 

Reese wrap-up


Nope, sorry. This doesn't mean I'm going to gift wrap Reese Crane and deliver him to

your door. What it means is this is the last week for the Lemmondrops Superfans who are doing a read-along for The Billionaire Bachelor! Are you a member yet? If not, join today! (Here's the link.) Lisa, my PA, says to have your tissues handy for the end, and I have to agree here. There are some sad moments, and in listening to the audio version, I teared up.  :cry: 

...You know what? I take it back about the not-delivering thing. If you'd like me to ship you a copy of The Billionaire Bachelor, comment below. I'll choose two winners on Friday, September 30. We can send September out with a bang.

BND is coming

The Billionaire Next Door is coming October 25! I've been teasing you each and every Tuesday with snippets from the book, but I wonder now if I've chosen the right excerpts! :-o See, early reader feedback on Goodreads mostly say the same thing: the book is "hilarious." :lol: I can't tell you how much I love reading that. I do enjoy tickling a funny bone now and again, so the fact that readers are finding Tag's quips and one-liners funny absolutely makes my MONTH. 

To order click HERE.


You don't want to miss September 28th's #WinitWed! Be sure you like my Facebook page (and get notifications or check back on Wednesday?! It's so hard to get seen these days on the 'book, yeesh!) 

Crazy Sexy You

You've heard me talking about my 21-day wellness program in passing. To be honest, I haven't shared a lot about it because what I'm eating and drinking isn't all that entertaining. How many plates of food can you see on Instagram before you start wondering "is Jessica still writing books, or only cooking?" :roll: But I did want to mention this program, and encourage those of you who are interested in learning more about health, wellness, and treating yourself with kindness and respect to follow Kris Carr on Facebook and/or sign up for her newsletter. I don't get any kickback for mentioning her, so this isn't a product placement. I care about you and your health and your overall wellness, and I believe Kris has it right. She's laid back, super fun, and her backstory--about how she was diagnosed with cancer and still has it but is living a healthy, beautiful life--is nothing short of remarkable. 

Book signing for John Lemmon

Those of you in the Ohio area can swing by to see my husband and buy a signed copy of Beer Makes Everything Better this Friday. Or, if you're nowhere near Ohio, you could always have a personalized signed copy shipped to your door by clicking here and ordering one. (US mailing addresses only.)

Book signing for Jessica Lemmon

Unlike my handsome hubs, I don't have signed copies to ship, but you can come see me at a future signing. Here's the schedule. Next up: Jess & Jules!

Or, you could request a signed bookplate to stick in your Jessica Lemmon book by emailing me at jessica@jessicalemmon.com. Oh, and while you're at it, keep sending those questions! I'm compiling a list of Q&As for the Lemmon 15.

Quick Hits

What I'm Writing: A friends-t0-lovers idea that was too irresistible to pass up!


What I'm Listening To: I'm a little late to the Dierks Bentley party, but now that I'm here, I'm shutting this place DOWN. New favorite love song: Black.

What I'm Waiting On: Copyedits for The Bastard Billionaire (February 2017), and edits from Mr. James Patterson for the yet-to-be-titled Bookshots (Spring 2017). 


What I'm Excited About: The Billionaire Next Door!

Tag Crane is one of my favorite heroes ever. He's fun. He's bigger than life. He tries his darnedest to take care of Rachel Foster and she will. not. let. him. How to frustrate an alpha 101: Don't let him take care you. ;) If you haven't pre-ordered yet, you can click here and get your copy the moment the clock strikes Midnight on October 25.

That's it for this week!