Author Confession: The Bastard Billionaire

Happy #TeaserTuesday!

I titled today's blog "Author Confession" because the scene I'm sharing (or well, part of it anyway) took me so far out of my comfort zone I wasn't sure if it would stay or not.

I do that sometimes. 

When I wrote Bringing Home the Bad Boy I distinctly remember writing the finger painting scene between Evan and Charlie and thinking "no way am I going to keep this scene." But, I let myself write it. I thought, what the heck?! It'll be fun and before I send it to my editor, I can delete it--no harm no foul. For those of you who have read and remember that scene...

Can you imagine if I deleted it?!


In The Bastard Billionaire, I found myself on that same ledge. ((There's a *slight spoiler alert* here, so skip this section and just read the graphic if you don't want to know details!)) ...I had envisioned a scene between Eli and Isa where he's eating an apple with a knife, and uses said knife to... cut a few buttons off her shirt.  I was  scared this would be a strange scene and that no one would get it, but the sense that it needed to happen was so strong, I just went with it... kind of.

On the first attempt I pulled back a little. Eli sliced off one button. One! Pfft! When I reread the scene, I realized that they all needed to go. I won't spoil any more for you, but I'll tease you and tell you that this same brand of sexy fun does come up again later.



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