Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot


The COOLEST thing EVAR happened yesterday, you guys!

My editor, who is now the Queen of Cool, was able to saunter her fine self down to the photoshoot where they were setting for the cover of Return of the Bad Boy (Asher's book), and get a few behind the scenes photos.

Now, just so you know, us authors are asked to turn in detailed art sheets for our characters. This is  not a hardship for me at all. It's actually one of my favorite things to do. Here are a few screen shots of what I turned in, taken from my Pinterest board for Return of the Bad Boy:


Whenever I turn in art sheets, I always try to capture the "feel" of the character.

As you know, Forever has done an amazing job with the covers thus far. I mean, hello!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

So, I wasn't worried. Not really. However, there is always an element of "unknown" that makes me a little worried.

Guess what?

There was no need to worry. Like, totally none at all.

If worry were China, this guy would be in another galaxy.

Here is the cover model they chose to portray Asher:

Guitar, check. All black, check. Sexy stubble, check. And those bracelets! *le drool*


But wait! There's more.

I believe him with that guitar. I do.

There there are the ones without the other shirt:

Yes, yes. The sleeveless thing is a BIG YES in my book.

Oh, and because my editor is the Queen of Cool, there are also these (!!!)

I mean...WHAT?!

How perfect is this guy for Asher? Whoever you are, cover model guy, I'm applauding. You nailed my rock star.

I cannot wait to see the final product!!! Obviously, that green screen will turn into a beautiful backdrop of Evergreen Cove. 


I love my job. 

(How glad are you that you stopped by today?)