Beyond the Book: The Millionaire Affair


The Millionaire Affair turns five years old today!


Where does the time go?!

I wanted to mark this occasion by sharing something special. As you know (or may not know if you haven’t discovered Landon yet, The Millionaire Affair is about Landon agreeing to watch his nephew, Lyon and quickly needing help from a nanny because face it… thirty-six-year-old advertising exec Landon Downey has no clue what to do with a rambunctious five-year-old!

Enter Kimber. A family friend, Kimber had a crush on Landon as a teenager but hasn’t thought much of him since. When Landon’s sister, Angel plays matchmaker, however, Kimber agrees to stay in Landon’s penthouse and watch Lyon… even though she’s not sure she’ll be any better at it than Landon is!

Fun facts about this book:

It didn’t exist… until it did.

Grand Central/Forever only bought the first two books in my series: Tempting the Billionaire and Hard to Handle. When I came to them with an idea for a book three, however, they added Landon to the lineup.

Landon Downey was my first hero to wear glasses.

Weird, considering I wear them every. single. day. Believe it or not that’s a lot to keep track of in a book! When he takes them off, when he puts them on.

Landon Downey was also my first “older” hero.

And I need to do it again. Landon was thirty-six but I’m thinking I need to break that forty-something barrier, don’t you?

Evan Downey (Landon’s brother) didn’t get a story in the Love in the Balance series.

But he DID have his own story told in the Second Chance series! His book was Bringing Home the Bad Boy. You might remember a certain finger-painting scene… Bringing Home the Bad Boy is considered a “bridge” book meant to bridge one series to the next. My editor wanted to lead us into a whole new cast of characters in Evergreen Cove, and so we merged the storylines I had already submitted with Evan’s and a series was born.

Lyon Downey (Landon’s nephew) was first introduced in the book Hard to Handle.

Lyon was just three years old when we met him. He was at the park with his Uncle Aiden at the time. It was fun to follow little Lyon from book to book well into the Second Chance series. We last saw him at age twelve. (I think! I’ll have to double-check that math.)

I (Still) want to write a book about Lyon.

Since I created this kid, I wanted him to have a grown-up romance. Maybe someday…

The Millionaire Affair was my first stab at an accidental pregnancy story.

Yep. I wanted to sink my teeth into the trope, yet offer something different.

The Millionaire Affair was my first audiobook.

TMA had the Audible treatment with a male narrator narrating the entire thing.

The Millionaire Affair rose to the top of the Nook charts, earning a #1 status in the rankings.

I was so darn excited!

I have been asked countless times if Angel Downey would have her own book.

There are four siblings total: Landon, Aiden, Angel and Evan. I never intended for Angel to have her own book since she’s married, but everyone still wanted her story. I admit to jotting down some ideas of where a story could go with her and her husband, but they never really grabbed me. This is one time I can say with certainty that there won’t be a book for Angel. She is a very strong secondary character and I adore her, but her story is told. :)

Easter egg! You might recognize the name of Landon’s company Downey Design…

I have mentioned it throughout the years whenever a character is going to Chicago or hiring a new marketing/ad firm. The next time you read a Jessica Lemmon book, keep an eye out for that reference.


The Millionaire Affair turnED five years old in 2019!

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