Blessings in Disguise

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning when lo and behold, there was a memory they shared with me: a post from this day in 2009.


Seven years ago, I was working as a PartyLite leader/consultant and after five years in the biz, about to earn my FIRST all-expenses paid trip to Cancun, Mexico. For those of you who don't know, direct sales companies give you the chance to earn trips by sponsoring new consultants and reaching a sales goal. 2009 was my year. I knew it.

I was right.

I earned the trip to Cancun and bought in the husband for a flat-rate price! I worked my face off for it for months, and finally, I'd get to go!!! Er... almost.  

A little plague called Swine Flu swept the world and, well, they closed Mexico. The company determined flying us to Cancun to contract a virus was a bad idea, and instead they mailed us checks for the equivalent of the trip that we earned so we could then take our own trip wherever we like.

Nice, but not the same. 

Unfortunately, this incident was also the start of what my hubs and I have deemed The Year of Job. It was bad, guys. By May, I'd learned I'd lost the trip to Cancun, then I followed that up in July with a miscarriage, and then we rounded off the year by suffering a massive financial crisis thanks to that big ole real estate bubble burst. It was ugly. 

I guess it wasn't exactly biblical. I mean, it didn't rain frogs, and we didn't contract boils, and I don't recall any locusts. But we were seriously sad. It was the one year I didn't put up a Christmas tree. And yet...

Out of the ashes of our former lives rose possibility.

During the week I was supposed to be sunning myself in Cancun, I instead spent it immersed in a book you may have heard of called Twilight. I polished that one off, and then read the rest of the series. In seven days.

It's all I did. My vacation was spent in Forks, Washington with vampires who didn't have pointed teeth and glittered when sunlight hit them. (Shut up, I thought it was awesome.) I was late to the literary game, so the first movie was already out on DVD. I think I watched it five or six or maybe eighteen times. I was blown away by the idea of an author changing the face of the planet, creating jobs to then-unknown actors, and (as we saw shortly after) gave life to an entire wave of paranormal romance. How did she do it? She had a dream, awoke, and wrote it down. I was smitten.

I wanted to do that! I wanted to write a book. I'd written poetry and short stories before. My college and high school teachers always praised my work and gave me great grades. I'd even started a romance novel that I hadn't finished...

This is the part where we fast forward to now.

Swine Flu unexpectedly lead to Tempting the Billionaire.

The worst year I can remember surviving gave birth to the most magical career I never before dreamed of having. I'm not sure I've hit "change the world" status yet, but I changed my world. And that vacation I mourned losing? Thank God I didn't go.

I loved being a "candle lady" and miss my friends and customers, but this author gig, and hanging out with readers, and getting to share my stories with you all? There's absolutely nothing like it.

Truth time:

Sometimes our blessings are buried beneath a really big pile of crap. 💩

If you find yourself in it, start digging. You'll be amazed what you find under there.