Christmas Countdown: Tomorrow!


Pop the champagne because Christmas is tomorrow! Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve, or do you wait and do it all on Christmas day? 


Featured book

The Billionaire Bachelor

Why you should read it now

A playboy billionaire buys the family hotel out from under our heroine and prompts Merina to storm over to his hotel and use the word "horseshit." The true magic is that Reese Crane finds that fact--and her rain-soaked shirt--utterly appealing in every way.

Fave quotes

Merina: "Marry you? I don't even like you."

Reese: "You don't have to like me. You have to pretend to like me."

Publishers Weekly says:

"…Lemmon hits the right emotional buttons with this lavish, indulgence-fueled romance."


Look for a Christmas card here tomorrow!