Cover Reveal + Behind the Scenes secret! : Christmas Seduction


I know… I say that a lot, but this one really felt like it took a while to come back around to me after I saw the draft! Before I show you the droolworthy cover, I’ll let you in on a little secret about this one…

Spoiler alert!

*If you want to know absolutely NOTHING (like Jon Snow), then skip this paragraph. I don't want to give away a major plot point if you haven’t read One Night, White Lies yet!

Christmas Seduction is book #4 in the Bachelor Pact series, and a bit of a spin-off! It didn’t even exist in the original series. (You may notice I do that a lot…) Then one day, my editor mentioned the “back from the dead” trope in a group email and my imagination went WILD. Typically used in soap operas as a dramatic turn of events, I wanted a stab at this trope! Plus, I knew I could make it pack a PUNCH of emotion readers wouldn’t soon forget. So, the backstory: I wrote Reid Singleton as a twin whose brother had died when they were younger, a fact he’d never shared with even those closest to him. Then I thought… what if his brother DIDN’T DIE, but went missing…

That’s this book!

And let me tell you it was a bear to write. I’m pretty sure the plot was better suited for a 100,000-word book, but in Desire we have just 50,000 words to get the story across. The beauty of it? I could only tell the most pertinent, scintillating, emotion-packed parts. It took a lot of brain-hurt (seriously) to fine-tune this one, but once I put my final seal on it, I was really proud of what we had.

*Extra special huge thanks to Kristi Yanta for her editing work on this one. Your notes were priceless!

Without further adieu, let’s see that cover!

Can you stand it?! How freaking gorgeous is this??? Her magenta dress and all that gold and red on the Christmas tree—that’s in the foreground, which is brilliant. I really like the way he’s holding her, too. Here’s the back cover copy:

Christmas with his real family…

And his fake fiancé!

Developer Tate Duncan has a family he never knew, and only the sympathy and sexiness of yoga instructor Hayden Green offers escape. So he entices her into spending Christmas with him as he meets his birth parents…posing as his fiancée! But when they give in to dangerously real attraction, their ruse—and the secrets they’ve been keeping—could implode!


Tate and Hayden will be here in October!