Cover Reveal! One Night, White Lies


I’ve been wanting to show you this cover FOR SO LONG!

Or, well… it seems like “so long.”

Sometimes waiting to reveal/announce in the book world can feel like dog years—like 7x longer than normal.

So, here it is: the long-awaited (at least, by me) cover for ONE NIGHT, WHITE LIES!

One Night White Lies_Lemmon.jpg

Here’s a fun fact for you:

Two of my favorite Harlequin books OF ALL TIME are stuck-in-an-elevator books. This book… is not about being stuck in an elevator. BUT, I got an elevator and I’m so, so, so thrilled. It’s on my Harlequin bucket list!

The scene on the cover is where Drew successfully lures in our British hunk, Reid for a little sexy fun after a work conference. There’s only one catch… he knows Drew, his best friend’s younger sister, but he doesn’t know the woman he’s seducing is Drew! He hasn’t seen her in years and she looks different, so he didn’t recognize her. And Drew isn’t about to tell him her true identity… not until she gets what she wants: HIM.

ONE NIGHT, WHITE LIES will release July 2019!


What do you think??