My First Erin Condren Life Planner

Oh. Em. Gee.

It's here!!!

I finally received my new Erin Condren planner!!! I've been stupidly geeked out about this one, guys. I'm not sure what happened. I scrolled through few posts here and there, saw a few writer friends (ahem, Katee Robert!) mention it, and was like, "well, isn't that lovely."

Then I watched a video and promptly became a fangirl.

I've tried every size, shape, and possible color of planner in the past, but this one looks like it will fit the bill in every way. That explains why I was willing to pay $65 for this one. (!!!) The best part was that it happened to arrive on Christmas Eve! Just in time for Christmas. 

As you can see, I haven't done *much* to the weekly pages. I am guessing I'll figure it out as I go. Right now, the plan is to washi tape over the morning/day/night sections and use them for 1) Writing 2) Personal and 3) Everything Else. Then add stickers for a dash of whimsy.

This week: chickens. I don't know why.

The monthly page is pretty standard and I've put my book release day in there (Bringing Home the Bad Boy, January 27th! Woot!), as well as few other things. 

Other items I'm looking forward to tracking: 1) Reading 2) Writing 3) Exercise and 4) Prayer list. I'll use the bottom as needed. The goal is to use this planner as a catch all for every list I ever make. No more random Post-its stuck to the desk. No more separate journal for exercise! Though, I may continue to post our meal plans on the fridge rather than in this book, since that system is one that seems to be working.

EC also has a referral system. You can get $10 OFF just for signing up now.


(Full disclosure, you save $10 and they give me $10 in credit when you use the link.) 

They also sent me a $10 off coupon for my next order just for signing up. I think I'll use it for a new cover, because it is removable. How cool is that?

I'll keep you posted on my efforts at getting organized, but so far so good. You saw my office, right? :)