If You Give An Author Billionaires...

First, she'll ask where they live.


Then, she'll want to know what they look like.

She'll want to uncover their likes, dislikes, and deep, dark (or not) reason for remaining single...

In The Billionaire Next Door, Tag Crane's case, he's single for one simple reason: he's a player and damn good at it. Then he meets our heroine, Rachel Foster, and finds he's a player not interested in playing the game the same way. 


This book.

Was so much FUN to write.





Some books are harder than others to write, and there are different reasons for this. Sometimes, it's because it's been rewritten so many times, the plot is muddy. Others, it's because it's a brand new first book in the series and the characters have their own challenges. Bear in mind, I'm talking PROCESS, not final product. Each time a book reaches the final editing stage, I've fallen head-over-heels for it. But sometimes the process can be well... a cagey bitch.

Reese's book, The Billionaire Bachelor, was difficult because...

I don't know?

Maybe because it was the first in the series. This was the first book I'd written outside of Evergreen Cove, so shifting from a rock god in a lakeside Ohio town to a hotel magnate in the city had its challenges.

Or, it could be because Reese Crane is a hero with a stiff upper lip. Prying him open wasn't easy. AND! The heroine? Merina Van Heusen is as snarky as they come. She's one tough customer. She had to be, to take on Reese.

TBB engagement.jpeg

Then you put them together with a marriage of convenience and well... you have to put them together.

Not easy when she's insulting him and he's pushing every last one of her buttons.

Don't get me wrong! There is a definite amount of fun in the banter, the enemies-to-lovers trope wound around in with the marriage. The end result is a book I'm very, very proud of and can't wait to share with you, but sometimes the PROCESS of getting there is harder than others. Think the last Lord of the Rings movie. The trek to Mordor was worth it in the happy, golden ending, but the during? Craggy.


The process with the first Billionaire book was so much different from Tag's. Billionaire #2 is fun, outgoing, and Tag a total cocksure charmer. He lays eyes on the heroine, is smitten, and pursues her HARD. You know how much I love a bad boy who pursues the lady. 

There are several stages and steps to completing one book, let alone an entire series. Each story, set of characters, and series has its own hurdles. I'm grateful to have finished a book I lurve (still waiting on editor feedback and praying she agrees I nailed this one!), and I'm also excited to have two books to write that have so much potential.