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Holy smokes, guys!


I woke up today and I swear, everyone is talking about my heroes. 

How. Freaking. Cool. 

Bad Boy Expert

USA Today's HEA Blog has given me the title "Bad Boy Expert" and who am I to argue? The article all about the reporter's love for Devlin and Tucker, and a really fun Q&A can be read in its entirety HERE.

Hair-raking Heroes

The lovely Morgan Doremus reported on USA Today about a cover trend: Hair-raking, frustrated heroes. She included Asher in her round-up and I couldn't be happier. Love, love, love her quick take on his situation. Read more HERE.


I've saved the juiciest gossip for last. *clears throat*

Ever heard of James Patterson?

He's doing a new line of read-in-one-sitting books called Book Shots, and guess who is writing one of them? ME!

The book will come out in Spring 2017, and is the same Jessica Lemmon romance you're used to, just... shorter format and edited by a master. Here is the NYT article talking about this new format.

*champagne cork*

Thanks for reading... until next time.