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Available everywhere now!

Available everywhere now!


Spoiler-free Gushing


Iโ€™ve read Mira Lyn Kelly before and thereโ€™s a good chance you have too if you were reading Harlequinโ€™s new KISS line a few years back. Her novel Waking Up Married was everything you wanted it to beโ€”fun, sexy, and a great readโ€”so itโ€™s no surprise that HARD CRUSH in its fun, pretty packaging has all the markers of a great romantic read.

Hard Crush is the first book in the series so if you like to start at a beginning, hereโ€™s a great chance to do just that! Hank and Abby used to date in high school and were completely head over heels in love. Until Hank went away to college and left her behind, promising (after she begged) not to contact her again. Ten years have passed and now heโ€™s back in her life a changed manโ€ฆ

Thereโ€™s one thing that didnโ€™t change for Hankโ€ฆ Just how much he cares for Abby.

Now that heโ€™s established his career and everything in his life is excelling, he should be happy. But somethingโ€™s missingโ€ฆ could it be the girl he left behind? Do they have a chance to make it this time around, or is Abby as gun-shy as she ever was?

My review

This book. This is exactly the kind of romance I love! Itโ€™s rich with emotion and there is so much depth as we dive into the heroineโ€™s past! Also, the hero fights and fights and fights for her, and who among us romance junkies doesnโ€™t love that?! Hank is super sexy and my heart absolutely broke for Abby in the black moment. Well-written, and completely delightful.
— Jessica Lemmon

The Zest

Three great scenes I highlighted on my Kindle:

  • โ€œHank?โ€ Abby whispers, quiet and confused. โ€œWhat are you doing?โ€
    Losing my mind.
    โ€œGiving us a better goodbye.โ€

  • Words have always been my friend, there and at the ready, but as we stand here occupying this square of sidewalk, my tongue feels like itโ€™s weighted with the same marbles that have taken up residence where my mind used to live.

  • โ€œWhat changed?โ€ She could tell me the wind and it would be enough. The fact that sheโ€™s here is all that matters.

From the Author

I asked Mira to share her favorite thing about Hard Crush. Hereโ€™s what she had to say!


Jess, thank you so much for giving HARD CRUSH a read! Hank and Abby are one of my favorite characters and just got into my heart in a way that's really stayed with me. With some books, I have an idea of how I want the story to go but still have to work past a few bumps in the road before I really fall in love with the characters. With Hard Crush, it was love at first sceneโ€ฆ maybe even before that! I had a vision of what things might look like if one of the most successful men in the country was confronted with the one element of his life he couldnโ€™t control. The one girl that got away. Rocking the foundation of Hankโ€™s carefully constructed world by putting Abby back in his orbit was so much funโ€”especially because these two just couldnโ€™t wait to get on the page and play together. Books like theirs are just a blast to write!

~Mira Lyn Kelly


Buy on Amazon!

Buy on Amazon!

About the book:

I never thought Iโ€™d see her again
Let alone find her in the same spot I left her ten years ago, teaching at the high school where we fell in love. 
Back then I was the geek with too many ideas and one girl I wanted forever. 
Now Iโ€™m the man driving a multi-billion dollar tech industry. And these days, one night with a soft body is as close to forever as I get. 
Itโ€™s all I want. Or it was.

I should have kept walking
But I wanted that laugh. That smile.
I wanted five minutes before I got back to the life with no room for my past.

One kiss was all I meant to take
But then her fingers were in my hair, her breath hot against my lips. 
My handsโ€ฆ everywhere.

Now I want more
I want her, but she only wants the guy I used to be. 
And just like the first time... I canโ€™t stay, and she wonโ€™t leave.


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