"Pate" Mansion

What is an author's most frequently asked question? Hands down, it's:

Where do you get your ideas?

When asked, most will say inspiration strikes from everywhere, anywhere. Sometimes it attacks you in the middle of a shower, or the grocery store, or walking the dog. Sometimes you can will it to happen. Sitting down with a glass of wine and a pen is a good trick. And other times, you just go out and find it.

When I first dreamed up Donovan Pate and Sofia Martin, hero and heroine from Rescuing the Bad Boy, I had an idea of a man who had been physically abused as a child who is forced to return home when he doesn't want to. As you know from my behind the scenes story on this book, Rescuing has had many inceptions. This one, by far, is my favorite, and I'm thrilled I was forcedcoerced inspired to write and write again until I arrived at the Donny he is today.

So...where do you find a mansion??? Google, of course. But a local mansion? Oh, there is one. And while this run-down relic inspired Pate Mansion--I kept the number of rooms, the square footage, but mentally cleaned her up inside and made her beautiful on the outside, setting her on 5 manicured acres of woodland in the lake town of Evergreen Cove.

Here's a look at the Pate... uh, I mean, the Sorg mansion:

Isn't this cool? The Sorg was built in 1888, and a quick Google search will provide some info if you're curious. 

Me? I love the fictional version of the Sorg. Donovan and Sofie Pate's dream home and beautiful place to live and raise a family. But I'm grateful to the Sorg for lighting a spark to my imagination and giving me some inspiration for the story that refused to die.

More pics below. I traveled there in March, hence the coat, and we snapped photos with the hubs one afternoon. The Sorg is relatively close, but not that easy to find! We had to drive around and then ask a local for directions.