RV Interview with Lori Foster & Jessica Lemmon


I'm so excited to share the video of the RV Interview Lori and I filmed back in June 2017! She's been rolling these videos out each week or so for a while now, and I've watched several with my favorite authors and friends. I'm beyond honored to have done one with her.

During the video, we talk about our favorite subject: books! Since I mention several different titles, I'll list them at the bottom of this blog in case you need more information. The original video posted at 10 AM EST 8/29/17 on Facebook, so I'll embed it below.

Before we get started...

Here are a few behind the scenes nuggets for you:

  • Lori and I really are friends, so this wasn't a hardship at all.
  • We laugh together whenever we sit and talk--she's so easygoing.
  • We shot this video in one take! What you see is us chatting straight through for ten minutes.
  • There were three cameras and two cameramen in the RV with us in the heat of summer, and we shut off the A/C because of the noise during filming. It was warm, but worth it!


Books on the table:

Books mentioned by Jessica Lemmon:

For more information about Lori Foster, go to her website here.