Author Confession: Shut Up & Kiss Me

Hiya to all my car-loving attorney friends!

Oh wait. That's just Cade Wilson.


So today I thought I'd share a fun BTS secret from Shut Up and Kiss Me. I wrote a car-loving law student when I dreamed up Cade which was so NOT up my alley. Want to have a laugh? I started writing the scene where he's bent over the hood repairing Devlin's car, and I froze because I had no idea what he was holding.

A wrench?

A screwdriver?

A salami?

Okay, okay, I'm kidding. I knew he wasn't holding a screwdriver.

Anyway, I had to call my brother and poll my husband. "Tell me something that would go wrong with a car. What tool are you most likely to use under the hood of a car?"

I've never been so out of my element before--and you're looking at the woman who just wrote complicated Marine Eli Crane!

I did my best, honest, and I did do a lot of research for the speech therapy part of things. My heroine Tasha threw me for a loop too because I knew very little about speech therapy. But I do have a bff who is a speech therapist! Ah-ha! I spoke with her at length, and when I found a few simple exercises online I knew I could translate to the page, I was able to grasp an example that everyone could understand.

Did I get criticized for it?

You bet.

But, to sneak in a little write tip for you aspiring/current authors: Don't let that stop you from writing the story in your heart.

Do your best and live in the characters and make them as real as you possibly can. Let them live and breathe and worry and feel.

That's today's BTS + Write Tip!

Have you read Shut Up and Kiss Me yet?

Reviewer, Reading Momma Book Blog had this to say on Amazon:

The chemistry between these characters was mind-blowing!!! Cade though! I LOVE HIM! I'm not one to go super crazy over male leads in a book, but I really fell in love with Cade! He was the perfect mix of sweet, sexy and deliciously alpha. His story was also super intriguing.

The differences in the characters and their lives and the way Lemmon balances everything out makes this such a fabulous read. I just love the way she writes and how I can just grab a book of hers and go! So, go grab Shut Up and Kiss me and go! You won't regret it!




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