Journal Entry: Starting Things Right


I'm not much of a morning person...

but I do like to get out of bed and have a nice morning. A slow morning.

Typically, I start by crawling my aching body out of bed (My mattress is way too hard. I know this and one day I will remedy it.), dragging myself to the kitchen where I make a halfhearted attempt to drink a glass of water before I make coffee (or Mr. Lemmony makes me coffee). And then I drink my coffee and play on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or all of the above.

Finally I get rolling on my writing or editing or whatever tasks I need to do that day. And honestly, it works.

Until it doesn't.

After working my hiney off on a deadline all week long, I am stiff everywhere. My right side is tight and hurts--every joint from my neck to my shoulder to my elbow to my wrist to my get the idea. The cause? A combination of being hunched over my laptop in the IKEA chair or hunched over my laptop at the kitchen table, or hunched over my laptop on the sofa.

In a word: YOWCH.  :cry: 

This morning, I realized I needed to do that thing know that thing... where I do a little bit of yoga.

I'll admit something: I'm not much for working out.

I don't enjoy it. I never have. The only reason I lost 30 pounds in the first place was because I drastically changed my diet. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I knew that when I did yoga I felt better. Now, thanks to an app called Yoga Studio (seriously best couple of bucks I ever spent!), it's really easy to grab my phone or my iPad, call up a ten or fifteen or thirty minute yoga class (I typically go for fifteen), and get my yoga over with.

The hard part is physically walking downstairs to my basement to the yoga mat and wide open space. I don't know why that part is so hard. My house isn't huge. I am perfectly ambulatory. I don't know if it's because the basement is slightly unpleasantly cool, or maybe because it's dark, or maybe because I JUST DON'T WANT TO.

(It's the last one.)

My wants consist of curling up on the couch, checking my social media, and drinking coffee. But I'm a grown up and grown ups (especially those turning FORTY FREAKING YEARS OLD soon) need to do things they don't want to.


I walked my butt downstairs and queued up a yoga workout. Lucky for me, Mr. Lemmony came with me. Bonus! It was like a little class...where the instructor is on a tiny screen and the people taking the class show up grouchy...

Fifteen minutes in, I was grunting inelegantly and realizing that I probably should have started/kept doing yoga a long time ago. I was on a pretty good run their few months back.

I marked the days with my special little stickers on my Erin Condren calendar. But then like anything else, I fell off the wagon. I stopped getting on the exercise bike, I stopped doing yoga, and I just in general quit doing much of anything.

Side note: I didn't feel great after my tiny yoga session.

You can tell by the tweet the app prompted me to share. (I took a little artistic license on the wording...)

Feeling stretchy and bendy (or achy and, I need to do this more!) after 15 mins with my @YogaStudioApp. #YogaGuruInTraining

— Jessica Lemmon (@lemmony) May 15, 2015

So after, I noticed something else. I didn't want coffee right away. Instead, the hubs and I made a lovely morning shake consisting of banana, kale, almond milk, vanilla, mint leaves, and ice. Mojito, anyone? I added a squirt of agave nectar to mine and it was absolutely delicious.

Also, that right hip pain plaguing me? It's not gone but it has eased considerably! As it turns out, after yoga the rest of my body moves much, much, much better. A few hours post-shake, I got hungry for a breakfast/brunch, but I didn't want a bowl of sugary cereal. No, no. I craved something healthy. Something summary. And so I made this:

That beauty is smoked salmon, goat cheese brie scramble served with baby spring greens, San Marzone tomatoes and sliced strawberries, and Ezekiel 4:9 toast. How good do I feel right now?! Amazing!

And what's my point?

Well, I just wanted to write all of this down so that I remembered on the days I feel like curling up and playing Soda Crash and in general being a slug, that it feels much, much, much better when I start my morning the right way.

Not to mention, I got to put a sticker on my calendar again.


xoxo, Jess


Any old habits you should pick up again, or new habits you'd like to share?