Sunday Blessings

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, the lovely Maryse tweeted about an "ADAMANT" recommendation for Bringing Home the Bad Boy. I clicked on her blog and read it and nearly cried. Nothing is as cool as finding out people are talking about a book you wrote--and loved--and they love it as much as you. And when it finds a new audience? Even better. 

It's good to count your blessings, and while I have plenty to be thankful for everyday, this instance in particular absolutely made me glow.

To read the article and that lovely recommendation, head over to Maryse's book blog by clicking HERE .

To order your copy of Evan Downey's book--complete with tats, a widower, and a slightly reluctant bff of his late wife, click HERE.



What about you? Have any blessings (big or small) to share?