Tame the Beast!

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You love Eli.

Can I just take a moment and share how happy that makes me?!

AAR = All About Reviews penned a downright humbling review. Seriously. I blushed. (You can check it out HERE.) I was so touched that by the time I reached the final paragraph, my eyes were misting over.




If you're a member of the Lemmondrops Superfans page, you might have read the post last week where I shared I was getting some not so nice emails and comments from readers. There was this sudden glut of complaints and I felt like crawling under the blankets! So believe me when I say that receiving this sort of love is very welcome!

"I wasn't sure what I'd walk into today," she told him, breathless.

"Your lips, as it turns out."

Books According to Abby loved The Bastard Billionaire, too. (You can read it in its entirety HERE.)

YAAAAAS! Oh man. Writing this review makes me want to go back and read every awesome moment that is Eli and Isa. She definitely gives him a run for his money and soon he realizes how much he enjoys spending time with her. They were an unlikely pair from the beginning, but the reader finds themselves cheering them on as the story progresses. I do believe Eli is my favorite Crane brother to date. I mean, I've loved Reese and Tag but Eli holds a special place in my heart. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book for your reading pleasure. Jessica does a great job of writing about a wounded soldier, his journey to recovery and his newfound passion he has for helping others. Not to mention the romance πŸ’•

Writing books is a task done in solitude. Us writers are over here researching, giving ourselves neck pain and back aches, and trying to figure out WHY these two people are being so hardheaded and why can't they just get together OMG! In short? We're praying to get it really, really right for you guys!

Hearing that the joke we told is funny, or the scene we cried while writing makes you cry is the absolute best. Because you and I? We create these moments together. I give you guidelines and you fill in the gaps.

We're a magical pairing: writers and readers.


In one day, you'll have Eli to yourself. I hope you buy, read, and love the book. And if you do, I hope you write and tell me about it.

(If you don't? Just... keep that to yourself, okay?) 


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