That Moment When the Book is Done

Such a cool announcement today...


Is that exciting or what?! 

Writing the mayor of Dallas was an exciting experience because, well, he's the mayor. I'd never written a mayor before. When I concocted the Dallas Billionaires Club series, I decided that one of my billionaires would actually be a billionairess (why isn't that a word again?!) in the form of my heroes' sister. Book one's hero was a castoff from the Billionaire Bad Boys series who simply wouldn't leave my muse alone. (Seriously, Zach is the most charming pill ever!) And that left hero two... 

I wanted a suited, stiff-upper-lipped hero kind of like a cross between Landon Downey and Reese Crane. I came up with Chase Ferguson, mayor, oil tycoon, and billionaire.

Now, who better to pair with my billionaire oil tycoon mayor than the woman he romanced ten years ago who works for a conservation society and protests Big Oil?

And what better way to throw them back together than to trap them inside a gorgeous mansion in Bigfork, Montana in a horrible snowstorm... on Thanksgiving?

There is so much to love about the scenario, and writing it was pure joy. No pre-order links yet for Miriam and Chase, but you can keep a close eye on the series by bookmarking this page.

PS: yesterday was my 19th wedding anniversary, and my husband's quote to me this morning were truly some of the sweetest words I've ever heard. I have to share.


Hope you're having a fab week!