The Delicious Evan Downey

*originally shared in the October Lemmon 15

Did you read the title of this blog and swoon a little?

I did!

I was talking to a reader online recently about how much I missed the bad boys of Evergreen Cove. I got to know them over the course of four books and now I don't get to "see" them any more. (They never call! Never! πŸ˜†) Since I'm kinda nostalgic, here's a longer look back at book 1, Bringing Home the Bad Boy...


graphic credit, the amazing Mary Ruth Baloy


β€œWhy do you bring up Rae whenever I’m close to you?”

β€œI don’t,” she was quick to say.

β€œYou do.”

She did. It’s just that she didn’t want to tell him why she did it. Because it would involve her admitting she was bringing up Rae as a defense mechanism. A way to keep her new, confusing, and delicious sexual fantasies about him at bay.

Gosh, it was hard to think with him this close.

β€œAce,” he prompted.

β€œMaybe you shouldn’t be close to me.” This came out in a whisper. He heard. There was no way he couldn’t have heard. He was right there.

β€œI disagree,” he whispered back. He smelled like suntan lotion. His hair was beachy and mussed, his body heat radiating around her. Unfair. The steadiness of his eyes made her gaze flutter around the room like a moth bouncing off a lightbulb.

Unbelievably, he leaned closer. She pulled back until she realized she likely had a double chin, then settled her head on her neck in a more reasonable position.

Gosh. He was making her crazy.

β€œKnow why I moved here?” he asked, keeping his voice low.

She wrenched her eyes from his and focused on a spot over his shoulder.

β€œBecause you didn’t want to live in Columbus anymore.” That’s what he’d told her. That he wanted a change. That he and Lyon had outgrown the house. And, she imagined it’d be hard to live in the house where Rae had passed.

β€œBut why here?”


His fingers grazed her jaw and turned her head, his palm moving to her neck where he cupped her nape and forced her eyes to his.

Reluctantly, she met them.

β€œRae’s more alive when you’re around, Ace.”

Her heart, oh her heart. Kicking against her chest in a confusing, hectic rhythm.

β€œYou bring her to life for Lyonβ€”more than anyone else. I need him to remember her because he can’t remember her alive.” His hold stayed, his palm warming her neck, his gaze unwavering.

She tried to separate the two feelings she was havingβ€”one, she was now talking about Rae with Evan and two, he was touching her while talking about Rae.

Before she could, his lips closed over hers...


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