The Great DVD Downsize

In what was possibly one of the biggest tasks EVAR, I tackled downsizing my DVDs from two full narrow shelves to a box.

Yep. one box.

But, I hear you asking, I CAN'T GET RID OF MY DVDs! Oh, I hear you, friend. I couldn't either. The problem is there's no Blockbuster around the corner to rent from. We have a Redbox, but titles are limited. What if I want to watch Tombstone?? Where will I find it?! 

I know, I know, there is iTunes, and renting movies from your cable company. But I wanted to keep my collection and downsize at the same time. The question was...

Is it possible?

Why, yes. Yes it is. I posted this on Instagram to show my progress and received a big response when it shared to Facebook and Twitter, too...

You all LIKED this idea of trading shelves for a box.

After I was able to get over the initial "omigod, I can't get rid of my CASES!!!" part, the process went fairly quickly. I was on opening/discarding detail and my husband was on filing in alphabetical order detail. We needed two of us, given that there were 263 movies to catalog (and that was after we weeded out 25-30 movies we didn't want.)

Now, because I am human and have flaws, I wasn't *quite* able to rid myself of *all* my cases. My blu-ray cases of a few favorites. my box sets for LOTR and Scream... 

A week later, I'm still getting questions like "Where can I get one?" and I'm happy to say, my husband, who ordered this on Amazon Prime, snapped a few screen shots to satisfy the mounting curiosity.

Here are the exact items we purchased:

But what about BROWSING?! 

I hear you. This solution was stupidly simple, but took a lot of time. I found the movie poster or cover on Pinterest and pinned the image on a board I named DVD Collection. 

Sometimes I *know* what movie I want to watch. And when you know, it's easy to find in alphabetical order, right? "I want to watch Reservoir Dogs." And you just meander to "R" and lo and behold, you are just minutes away from watching a guy get his ear sliced off.

But what if you DON'T know what to watch?! Sometimes, you need to peruse titles and covers and just sort of go by "feeling". That's where the pin board comes in. Open up on your phone, scroll to your heart's content.

I hope that answered your questions and helps you to downsize, too! It feels so nice to have it put away! It stores neatly beneath our TV stand. With doors.

Now...what to do with those shelves...


PS: Stay tuned, I received this book for Christmas

and have already used the "Konmarie" method on a few drawers...

More to come!