The Life-Changing Magic of a Morning Routine


To create a routine, it’s important to develop a habit. The easiest way to develop a habit is to create a ritual surrounding that habit so that every time you sit down to do it, your brain is in the zone.

What the heck u talkin’ ‘bout, Jessica?

Glad you asked.

Here’s my morning routine:

  1. 💦 Water first. Sleep is very dehydrating. Upon waking, I reach for my Klean Kanteen and drink down the equivalent of 1-2 glasses of water.

  2. ☕️ Coffee next. I love my morning coffee. At the moment I’m favoring Starbucks Vanilla with a splash of CoffeeMate creamer (non-dairy).

  3. 🤫 Quiet time. For the next 20-40 minutes, I do a combination of following:

  • Visualize my ideal future and say my affirmations for the day aloud

  • Read my devotional (I love this one by Joyce Meyer)

  • Write down my goals

  • Read

I’m a visual person so I need to keep my goals in front of me. I also favor paper for my goals and my planner, so I like to keep those in bulky paper format. (Super inconvenient when traveling, but since I’m home most of the time, it works out well!)

Meet my Abundance Notebook.

Back when I started using a Happy Planner as a catch-all for everything I wanted to create, the sections in my Abundance Notebook were all in the same book. I didn’t like that! I needed a place for my personal goals separate from my business goals.


Simply pulling out this Happy Planner notebook is a signal to my brain that I’m ready to envision and dream. I use specifically for my morning and evening routines.

Here’s an example of my morning schedule:

8:00 AM - Drink water, get up & dress in comfy work-from-home clothes

8:15 AM - Make coffee, feed the dog and let her out, set up Abundance Notebook and iPhone near the couch

8:20 - Turn on Tide “Focus” (app) for 20-40 minutes and go through notebook pages, doing various morning exercises


By 9:00 AM (or 10, depending on what time I actually got out of bed), I’m ready to begin the work portion of my day. I try and tackle writing first. Removing that big, hairy-scary goal from my to-do list first makes the entire day run smoothly.

How can you begin a morning routine of your own?

Let’s discuss!


Making your own personalized morning routine

  1. Choose a wakeup time that is ideal FOR YOU. Work with whatcha got. Not part of the 5 AM club? Don’t force it! I tried to get up super early and see what it was like, but I found it just wasn’t for me. In the summertime especially I stay up late to soak in all the lake and boating fun, so there’s no way I’m home and in bed by 9. Conversely, in the winter, I need more sleep than usual, so I honor that and sleep in on days I feel like it.

  2. Prioritize your natural tendencies. Does your brain wake up when you do? Maybe your ideal morning is firing off 2,000 words the moment you’re out of bed. If you wake slowly in the morning (like me) you might start with a prayer and devotional or by reading your favorite novel alongside a mug of hot coffee.

  3. Have a ritual. For me, it’s the Tide app and the focus music that comes with it. (I like Muse, by the way.) But it could also be lighting your favorite candle, opening the curtains, or going for a short walk. Whatever it is, DO IT and your brain will ready itself for the upcoming task.

Now it’s your turn!

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any routines or rituals in the morning? Also, ARE YOU A MORNING PERSON? Leave a comment in the box below or pop over to Instagram and let me know you just read this blog. I love to hear from readers!

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