USA Today HEA: Reader Mary Dubé & Eye Candy

Happy Monday!

Okay, let's take a poll... do you have today off? Or are you working? I took off Friday (for mah birthday!) and then Saturday and Sunday since we were hosting guests, so unfortunately this holiday-ish Monday is a working day for me. FYI to those of you who aren't in the States, tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which is America's Independence Day. Really cool employers give their employees a day off. 

But there is a good side effect to working today... I noticed on Twitter this morning that Eye Candy received an honorable mention from Mary Dubé at USA Today's HEA blog. Here's what she had to say about Vince's book (July 25th)

A drool-worthy mystery jogger is the catalyst needed for two friends to see each other in a new and more romantic light, and Lemmon can always be counted on to deliver a thoughtful, charming and sensual romance.

Thank you, Mary!



There has been some buzz about this book recently and I'm LOVING it! Did you see that iBooks made Eye Candy a Best Book of the Month for July? Here's their review: