Why I (Finally) Hired a Stylist


If you’ve been following along, I’m sure you’ve seen (many!) pics of my recent wine country trip. John and I visited both San Francisco and Sonoma Valley and while I’ve talked a lot about the wine and food, I haven’t yet touched on my favorite part!

I hired a stylist for my outfits.


One of my goals is to nail my personal style and for this I employ a stylist via Stitch Fix. You’ve probably heard of Stitch Fix. They send you 5 items they procure for you after you fill out a lengthy style form with your preferences. There are even questions about whether or not you’d like to show off or hide certain parts. For example: upper arms? Hide. Legs? Show.

I’ve used Stitch Fix for years as a supplemental stylist for my own shopping for one reason:

I hate shopping.

I do. Sincerely.

I used to love to scrape hangers along the bars of a clearance rack but something shifted about ten years ago and I grew to hate the rummaging. Now I find I’d rather have perfectly suited for me styles picked out by someone else!

When it came time to go to California, I thought it the perfect time to employ Stitch Fix again and this time, hands down, they freaking nailed it.


Check out my Stitch Fix Styles:

I was so in love with everything in that box I wrote back to my stylist raving about how she really picked out the perfect pieces for me. To be fair, some selections I’m sharing have been from the last three or even four β€œfixes” ago, but I wanted to show just how well everything you accumulate from your own stylist goes together.

Let’s have a closer look:


This LAILA JAYDE Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Knit Top doesn’t look like much when you pull it out of the box, but I loved the cut! It’s tapered, and a little longer in the back and the sleeve length was perfect for California (or any Ohio fall or spring day when it’s too warm for long sleeves and too cold for short.)


My stylist knows of my love for stripes and I absolutely ADORED this Milania French Terry Kangaroo Pocket Knit Top! I had to send it back for a smaller size because of the stretch material, but I was so glad I exchanged it rather than chucked it. The smaller size fits like a dream.


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my post about this very short Kaysen Ponte Cut Out Dress, but since it was my twentieth anniversary (and who doesn't want to feel sexy on an anniversary trip?!), I decided to just go with it. I’m so glad I did! It was definitely a special occasion dress, but I’m looking forward to wearing it again.


The Atherton Lace Sleeve Knit Top by Loveappella was from a few fixes ago and I love this shirt. It looks dressy with those lacy cut-out sleeves, but it’s really just a supersoft tee and very wearable.


(Aside: I really miss wine country!) The Dulce Short Sleeve Knit Top by Emory Park might not look special but again, super wearable and comfy and that detail on the neckline makes it feel fancy.


Good News/Bad News time… the Arla Graphic Brushed Love Knit Top is by far my favorite shirt right now! It’s super recognizable, though, so you can’t wear it everywhere like you want to or else your friends will think it’s the only shirt you own! The only other drawback is the big triangle cut out in the upper neck. If you don't want to freeze, you have to wear a tank and even then it’s a bit drafty. (I still love it though!)


The Liddie Bell Sleeve Top by On the Road… was such a fun splurge. I knew I wouldn't wear it much but for California (pictured on the rooftop bar Charmaine’s in San Francisco) it was perfection. The waist is a little revealing but I wore high-waisted jeans. Still, it’d been a while since I showed my bellybutton! Eep!


I can’t believe I don’t have a single photo of me in this Brynlee Real Suede Moto Jacket!!! Especially since I wore it almost every day in California. I loved that my stylist thought to put a coat in my most recent fix, and man did I need one. I wore it over the dress and with jeans both since you can dress it up or down. I never would’ve picked this out for myself but I’m so glad it’s in my closet.


I can’t wear these Cole Haan Emory II Leather Bow Ballet Flats anywhere without someone complimenting me on them. They’re comfy, which is a must, and I even bought a red belt to wear when I wear them! Also: Madewell jeans truly live up to their name. My stylist asked me to splurge on them just once and see if I enjoyed them. They are basically the best jeans I’ve ever owned. Look closer at my pics from Cali… I wore them almost every day! (Style: 9" High Rise Skinny with Black Sea Rips and Chewed Hem)


It’s on my list to hire an actual stylist (and interior designer) but I actually really love the Stitch Fix process for the perfect cheat. I mean, I live out in cow/corn country so in-person stylists are a little out of the way for me! Plus I can schedule these fixes as often or as little as I’d like. I’ve moved from every 6 months, to every 3, and now I’m getting them every month for a few months just to beef up my wardrobe before I take another break.

Want to try it? Click here for my referral link and receive $25 credit on your fix!* I can’t wait to see what you try! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @jlemmony and show off! Not following me on Insta yet? Click here!)

xo, πŸ‹

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