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The debut issue of the Squeeze went out on the morning of 7/13/18
You can read it here.


I've always been a blogger.

When I started writing with the intention of landing a publishing contract, I read somewhere to "write everyday." I liked that idea, and quickly set up a Blogspot blog. (You can still find my 2 1/2-year journey to publication detailed on those blogs here.) 

I continued to blog throughout the years, trying different styles after I started releasing books. I moved from journal-style to contests and giveaways to behind the scenes features for my books. Some of those blogs are live, while others can be found in the bowels of this site if you look hard enough. With the rise in popularity of social media, many authors (myself included) found themselves juggling yet again. Do we blog? Post on Facebook? Tweet? Pin? Instagram?!

When you say YES to one thing, you’re saying NO to something else.
— Jessica Lemmon

The answer for me was: YES.

I did it all. I hired an assistant to post and do giveaways and keep the plates spinning on every social media outlet available... but then I became really tired. Long story short, I was running out of time to do the things I wanted to do the most in order to "feed the machine." (I detailed my reasoning for saying farewell to Facebook in the June issue of the Lemmon 15, which you can read here.) You know as well as I do that there are 24 hours a day and not a single second more. Once that time is gone, it's gone.

What you spend it doing matters! To your business, to your friends and family, and to you.

When you say YES to one thing, you're saying NO to something else. But the opposite was also true for me. When I said "NO" to feeding the Facebook and Twitter machine, new worlds started opening up elsewhere. I started itching to read again. I wanted to blog more often to share my viewpoints and story news. I didn't want to waste any more time designing original graphics for 5,100 Facebook fans when only 12 of them would see it.

The Squeeze is a revelation.

I decided that rather than cataloging a bunch of topics into a monthly email, I'd rather share the news with you in the format where I'm most comfortable: blogging.

Here's how the Squeeze works:

  1. When I have news about books, or signings, or writing tips, I'll post a blog.
  2. Every week the Squeeze will send you a summary of the previous week's blogs (only new posts!) and you can decide which news you'd like to read.
I dislike futility, small talk, and click bait.
— Jessica Lemmon

No more scrolling through a looooooong newsletter to find what appeals to you, and better yet: no filler. When I axed Facebook and Twitter it was because I noticed that some of my posts felt forced at best, and pointless at worst. I dislike futility, small talk, and click bait and yet I found myself flirting with all three of those things. πŸ˜–

It was time for a change.

The Squeeze πŸ‹ is going to save all of us our most precious resource: TIME. The news will arrive to your email address (be sure to use your best email address for your subscription!), and then you can scroll through and see what news is newsworthy to you. If it is, click the link to the article. Like the 15, the Squeeze is written by me for you, but will arrive as a weekly issue instead of monthly. I have lots of exciting announcements to share in the coming weeks!


Jessica Lemmon

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