Women's World Magazine


I have an exciting announcement!

A few months ago Harlequin asked me to write a mini-romance for Woman's Word magazine in August of this year. I didn't know this but WW has the highest U.S. circulation of any magazine! I was thrilled to be asked, though I was warned that WW had the final say in the story. If they didn't like it, it didn't get printed.


They loved it!

JUNE couple swimming pool backs small.jpeg

My mini-romance for Harlequin and Woman's World magazine is entitled Perfectly Loveable and will appear in the August 13th issue that goes on sale August 2nd! It's a very, very short story at 800 words and the setting is at poolside--perfect for August. It was so much fun to write and I'm thrilled to be featured in WW.

Right now there are no plans for this super-short story to be for sale anywhere other than WW, so if you want a Jessica Lemmon original, be sure to grab your copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands!


xo, Jessica