For Writers

Before I was published, I blogged often about my experiences along the way. I'm sharing a few of them here in the hopes that they help you along your own writing journey.  ~Jess

The 5 Stages of Submitting
"Once you submit a manuscript (to a publisher, editor, or agent), you will go through stages, emotions if you will. Like the stages of grieving, this is a process..."

"Some of you may recall I entered the Golden Heart Contest this year. Before it was even judged, I knew I hadn't turned in the winning manuscript..."

Of Bad News and Bootstraps
"As much as I love to walk around with my head stuck pleasantly in the clouds, sometimes bad news comes a-knockin'..."

Good Times = Maple Syrup Shortage
"In general, we humans enjoy easy. Such explains the rise of the 99-cent hamburger. Too often we forget..."

The Rejection That Made My Day
"Rejection is not exactly a word that gives your warm fuzzies. It doesn't even give you cold fuzzies..."

Silent Rejections
"...I took it upon myself to do a final (<---insert copious laughter here) edit on my current WIP before attempting to land my very own, shiny new agent."