A Love Note from Evan


Really, really cool post today over at True Story Book Blog! Lisa gave me the opportunity to write a love letter from Evan to Charlotte (H&h of Bringing Home the Bad Boy), and I have to say, I enjoyed it so very much. It's just so...HIM. 


To read the letter, keep scrolling, but make sure you visit her blog, too, because she is doing a Rafflecopter giveaway of a Kindle FIRE! :) >>> CLICK HERE.



You know my demonstrations of love come in forms of art, and I really wanted to give you this letter on a canvas. Paint, Ace. That’s how we do it, don’t we, baby? But I also knew you’d want to keep these words close (and to yourself), so pen and paper it is.

Damn. I don’t even know where to start. When Rae died, I never dreamed I’d smile again. Never dreamed my heart would be filled again. Never dreamed my boy—that Lyon would look at another woman and call her “Mom.” Life has been unfair, and not just to me, but to you. To Rae. To Rae’s parents. But mostly to my son—our son, Ace. You know he’s half yours now, don’t you?

I gotta say—now more than ever—I love you. Not just for your finger-painting skills, or the mess you let me make of your hair, or the way that fantastic ass of yours wiggles when you walk away from me. (You know I had to say it.) But also because I love your big, beautiful, forgiving, loving heart. You’re an incredible friend, a talented photographer, and you mean the world to me. The whole world, Ace. I don’t say that lightly.

You may have started out timid, afraid to take the leap with me, but now you have the heart of a lion, baby. You have Lyon’s heart. You have my heart, too.

Meet me in the studio. Have another painting I’d like to make with you.