Auntie Em!

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Yesterday, I traveled hither and yon signing Rescuing the Bad Boy for the locals and unbeknownst to me, narrowly avoided a tornado.  8-O 

More on that later.

First, we stopped by Walmart to see if Donovan was at my local store. He's not. OF COURSE.  :-x But he might be at yours. Be sure to send me those sighting pics if you see him there! Like so:

Brandy Thorton RTBB Joyfully Reviewed RTBB

Next we stopped by [unnamed restaurant] for some okay food and the loudest dining ever.  :-( 

IMG_5698 IMG_5700

Now that we were fed, we debated where to go on our journey. Barnes & Noble or Books & Company first? Hmm, hard decision. One was a little further out of the way if I went there first, but I decided since the Books & Co store was an open-air style shopping area and it was going to rain, I'd stop by there first.

IMG_5703 IMG_5702

From there, I visited B&N, where a friend of mine from my PartyLite days drove 30 minutes to come see me and buy a book from the store! Is that sweet or what? Brought a happy tear to myScreen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.00.37 AM eye, it did.  :-) If you are in need of candles, by the way, here's where you can contact Ann. She's FABULOUS and has been doing her thing in PL for 24 years. Talk about a professional! I'm just sad I forgot to get a picture! :(

After that, we headed to the brew store where my hubs bought some beer-making necessities (you can find him HERE if you're curious), and that's when it started raining sideways...

Which brings me to the tornado.

Here is a short video showing the little pop-up whirlwind. Watch the left-hand side of the screen... 

Is that crazy or what?!

From the beer store, we visited the final stop: another B&N where I had a lovely chat with the staff. They stocked TEN copies of Rescuing, giving me TWO rows on the shelf, which is awesome. :)

Click HERE to see me being a dork.

When I got home, I darted into Jennifer Probst's FB party and hung out a while, shared some excerpts, and man candy.


So that's it! My local signing excursion, followed by a narrow miss with Mother Nature and ending on some Prosecco to celebrate. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

What'd you do yesterday?

~Jess :)