Baby, It's Cold Outside

You may be from a part if the globe who thinks we're wimpy here in the Midwest, but this:

imagemakes me want to batten down the hatches. Or, in other words, snuggle into a jumbo quilt and turn on my electric fireplace.

Since it's "a" degree around here, about -3 beneath my patio, and the windchill is hovering somewhere between BRRRRR and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!, I think I'll give away a book.

After all, what makes you warmer than snuggling with a toasty billionaire?


All you have to do is tell me your favorite thing to do when it's cold outside. I'll draw from a commenter (US only, please). GO!

For those of you interested, smexy Marcus is on sale, too. I always knew he was cheap. ;)

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Stay warm!
~Jess :)