Back from Florida (or: Why Do I Live in Ohio?)

imageHi All,

As you may or may not know, I live in Ohio. We visited the Florida panhandle all last week (without wi-fi, so no i'net for me 8-O ) and the break was amazing. As was the view. I even saw two bald eagles, which was super cool. We walked on the beach, watched the sunset, laughed until we cried, and sat in the sun on the amazing deck overlooking the Gulf. What a fabulous vacation!

Mr. Lemmony and I at sunset





To give you some perspective on how amazingly epic this was, we have approximately 177 sunny days a year in Ohio. In Florida, they average about 231. That's like... *does math* TWO MORE MONTHS OF SUN THAN WE HAVE HERE. :evil:  This became apparent after visiting there following The No Good Very Bad Winter of 2013/2014. Sun-deprived as we were, the hubs and I gladly soaked up as much Vitamin D as we could...

Then we returned home to wind and rain. :(


The great news is fellow Forever author/Ever After fox, Shannon Richard was there, too. We plotted and wrote and read while we were there and as a result (drum roll, please), Bringing Home the Bad Boy is nearly done!


The first draft is written and after a quick edit today, I'm sending it straight to my lovely editor and then it will be her problem hers to treasure. ;)

So, while I get cracking on Evan (details HERE), you be sure and add The Millionaire Affair to your TBR list, because June will be here before you know it, and allegedly, so will the sun for us dreary-day Ohioans.


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Pre-orders always make my soul sunnier, so be sure and let me know if you one-click Landon Downey.

~Jess :)